Intimate male waxing Barcelona is one of the most demanded services and methods, it is a fast, safe procedure with less discomfort. This topic has long ceased to be a taboo for men and has become a beauty ritual. With this technique, all types of hair removal are performed, such as Brazilian hair removal that […]

Male laser hair removal together with male facial aesthetic medicine Barcelona It is a service that has become very popular throughout Spain, if you are one of the men who will do it for the first time in the first session, you should know that the first sessions are carried out every two or three […]

THE LUMBALGIA It is localized pain in the lower back, grabbing part of the gluteus and pinching some nerves, throughout life 80% of the population have suffered it at least once in their life to different degrees. CERVICALGIA DEFINITION “NECK PAIN” It could be an inflammation of the nerves and muscles that affect the cervical […]

Tired of shaving over and over a month? Want to get rid of razor irritation? Do not think twice and opt for male intimate waxing Barcelona, as it is a long-lasting, fast method and does not produce irritation. Like another of the treatments of male waxing Barcelona. Because razors cut hair but do not uproot […]

EVER WONDER HOW BOTOX FOR MEN DIFFERS FROM BOTOX FOR WOMEN? You asked yourself, “Why do men get Botox?” You may be curious to know what kind of man gets Botox. If so, this is for you: everything you ever wanted to know about Botox for men HOW MANY MEN GET BOTOX? Believe it or […]

En el mundo actual, cada vez más hombres están reconociendo la importancia de cuidar su piel. Atrás quedaron los días en que los productos de cuidado de la piel estaban dirigidos exclusivamente a las mujeres. Ahora, los hombres tienen acceso a una amplia gama de productos diseñados especialmente para ellos. En este artículo, exploraremos lo [

La hiperpigmentación es un problema de la piel que puede afectar tanto a hombres como a mujeres. Sin embargo, en este artículo nos centraremos en la hiperpigmentación en los hombres y cómo puede afectarles específicamente. Exploraremos las causas subyacentes, los diferentes tipos de hiperpigmentación, los tratamientos disponibles y las medida