Intimate male waxing Barcelona is one of the most demanded services and methods, it is a fast, safe procedure with less discomfort. This topic has long ceased to be a taboo for men and has become a beauty ritual.

With this technique, all types of hair removal are performed, such as Brazilian hair removal that shapes the hair in the intimate area and comprehensive hair removal that removes all hair in the intimate area.


All about intimate male waxing Barcelona

When opting for intimate male waxing Barcelona, men ask themselves many questions, specifically, what method to choose? What is the least painful and most effective? How long do its effects last? That is why there is wax, laser, razor, razor and electric hair removal.

But as a basic rule there is no method that is better for men, but rather a more effective shave depending on the amount of hair to be removed in each area of the body, it is important that when trying to undergo this type of procedure, you have Note that they must be performed by a specialized professional beautician. To decide on one or the other, I invite you to continue reading this article and if you are in doubt, you may be interested in knowing why we recommend it.

Intimate male waxing Barcelona For what reasons should you wax?

More and more men who without any complex decide to shave and these are the reasons that currently lead to the rise of male intimate genital hair removal in Barcelona :

  1. The first reason is comfort and hygiene, especially in the summer, where men tend to sweat more than in other seasons of the year. For this reason, when you remove it, the sweat does not accumulate between the hairs of the legs and the bacteria do not find a pore to infect.
  2. The second reason for opting for intimate male waxing Barcelona is for sporting reasons, since it is uncomfortable when practicing sports, by waxing it provides greater lightness in competition activities and also provides comfort.
  3. The third reason is much more aesthetic, because some studies say that men and women agree that any type of body hair is unpleasant in swimming pools and beaches.
  4. The fourth reason to opt for intimate male waxing Barcelona is for comfort, because let’s face it, not having hair provides a feeling of freedom that also contributes to well-being.
  5. The fifth reason is based on the tastes of the opposite sex, the female, since women prefer shaved men and according to surveys the area that men shave the most is the pubis, with the sole purpose of making the penis appear larger. .

The types of intimate male waxing Barcelona

Later we are going to show you which are the types of intimate male waxing Barcelona that exist, in addition to their advantages and disadvantages that each one of them present:

Intimate male waxing

There are three types of wax that are adapted according to the type of skin, which are hot, cold and warm. For this technique, the hair in the intimate area must be trimmed a little, before you attend any aesthetic center where they offer this service.

The advantage of intimate male waxing Barcelona is that it pulls the hair from the roots, and it would take between two and three weeks for it to come out again. The downside is that it is the most painful technique.

Intimate male hair removal with electric machine

The electric machine is a simple way of hair removal, because it also takes three weeks for the hair to appear since it roots it, but if you have sensitive skin you cannot opt for this technique.

The advantage of intimate male waxing Barcelona with an electric razor is that the process is quick, simple and can take several weeks. The downside is that the hairs remain embedded under the skin and that is why it is also a painful procedure.

Intimate male laser hair removal

The laser that is applied to the skin destroys the follicle, so that the hair becomes finer and, above all, weaker until it reaches the point of disappearing. For that reason, it is one of the most requested and permanent techniques in our Barcelona male aesthetic center.

The advantage of intimate male waxing Barcelona is that it provides maximum hair-free time. The downside is that you have to have a lot of patience and money.