Tired of shaving over and over a month? Want to get rid of razor irritation? Do not think twice and opt for male intimate waxing Barcelona, as it is a long-lasting, fast method and does not produce irritation. Like another of the treatments of male waxing Barcelona.

Because razors cut hair but do not uproot it, therefore it grows harder and faster, not to mention that depending on the type of skin it causes irritation.


The intimate male waxing Barcelona is a technique in which different types of procedures are applied that allow the hair to be pulled out by the roots and as time and sessions go by, the hair begins to grow weaker.

There is a myth in men about these waxes and that is that they cause pain depending on the technique that is applied, but these stories are from people who have never waxed, but the truth is that it is not like that.

And we affirm it because male intimate waxing Barcelona works with professionals who have a lot of experience and the technique they use is adequate to make each of these experiences totally pleasant.


There are many benefits of this intimate shaving procedure in men and we take the time to expose the most outstanding ones which are the following:

  1. The first benefit of male intimate waxing Barcelona is the duration and it is one of the most important aspects. The results last approximately between 3 and 4 weeks, obviously by doing more sessions longer times are achieved.
  2. The second benefit is based on the fact that hair growth becomes weak due to the fact that it is plucked from its birth, unlike other home methods such as razors that grow stronger and stronger.
  3. The third benefit of male intimate hair removal Barcelona is that the skin is neither hurt nor red, much less irritated, rather it remains smooth and super soft.
  4. The fourth benefit is that you will not have shadows from the roots of the hair that sometimes causes a dark area to be seen, but on the contrary, it evens out the entire skin tone.


If we have to talk about the cons of male intimate hair removal Barcelona, there is not much to say, only that you will feel a little pain in the first treatment sessions and this depends on the technique used, but it only lasts a few seconds.

On the other hand, we can also mention that when waxing is finished, the intimate area will be red or with small red spots that disappear completely after a few hours.


Male intimate waxing Barcelona is a very professional service, those who perform it have more than 10 years of experience in this area, and they also use top quality products.

The products they use are specialized for the male sex, with a texture for more resistant hair, which reduces pain, the intimate skin is softer, it also takes longer to grow hair, even many hairs do not come out again.

The male intimate waxing Barcelona serves, as its name indicates, only men, but it is attended only by women. They also have the best care and comfort, they do it in private cubicles.

In recent years, men’s concern for their aesthetics and hygiene has increased, which is why intimate hair removal for men is a trend that women appreciate very much when having intimate relationships with them.

Also the intimate male waxing Barcelona seeks to provide a solution to the dermatological problems caused by hair, such as the encystment of hair on the skin, irritations, folliculitis and among other inconveniences associated with shaving.

The male genital area is a very delicate area to treat, that is why these professionals take the greatest care to achieve the best results. Finally, this technique allows to be more hygienic and arranged in the buttocks, pubis and genitals area.