Hombres, masculinidad y cirugía estética

Men, masculinity and cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery in men

Although many women still seek cosmetic surgery more than men, according to statistics, that gap is closing, and millions of cosmetic procedures have emerged on men. That has increased by almost 30%. Men seek these procedures for many of the same reasons as women: to increase attractiveness, avoid the effects of aging, and boost self-esteem. Increasing the appearance of masculinity is also a goal some men pursue through facial plastic surgery.

“The biggest concern for men and one that often affects their masculinity and sense of vitality is hair loss”

Perceptions of attractiveness, likeability, social skills, and trustworthiness increased after surgery. Social studies have been carried out where they qualify masculinity according to their traits and personality, each of these traits tend to differ according to the type of facial surgery performed. For example, the face lift and the upper eyelid lift were associated with increased friendliness and reliability. The only procedure associated with increased masculinity was a neck lift, which was also associated with perceived extraversion.

Interestingly, this study showed, however, that facial surgery had little effect on the appearance of masculinity. The authors note that this is contrary to similar studies that have shown significant increases in the appearance of femininity in women who have undergone facial plastic surgery.

Chin implants

Surprisingly, chin implants are a commonly sought procedure to increase the appearance of masculinity, but it is the only procedure according to studies that had no effect on any of the factors: personality, attractiveness or masculinity.

In today’s society

Increasingly health-conscious and youth-focused, the aesthetic and anti-aging market is often targeted at women. The demographic that is often ignored are men who are also looking for the best way to look and feel good about themselves without sacrificing their masculinity.

The main goal of cosmetic surgery

The main goal of cosmetic surgery for men is to make you look younger and refreshed, but in a way that preserves the personality and masculinity of your face. This is especially true when it comes to men, because while plastic surgery is becoming more accepted and less taboo, it can still be embarrassing if people know you went “under the knife.”

Men, masculinity and cosmetic surgery