Belleza masculina

Male beauty: stop fooling around!

We are in a time when appearance is everything, even men have become much more involved with their appearance and with everything that is related to their male beauty , so much so that we talk about cosmetic surgeries to rejuvenate faces, cosmetic lines, makeup and a whole world of personal care for them.

Despite having had a slow process, the incorporation of the male gender into the dynamics of beauty and personal care today is a constant phenomenon and although at the beginning it was loaded with many prejudices, today it is something that is part of our life. everyday life.

Male beauty: stop fooling around!

It is no longer just beard, hairstyle and perfume

Certainly the stereotypes surrounding the male beauty They have changed, now they are not only interested in smelling good or being clean shaven; in fact, in 2017 the National Perfumery and Cosmetics Association (Stanpa) in Madrid, Spain stated that after conducting some studies they reflected that men spent much more on perfumes and cosmetic products.

And it is that the care of the body and the personal appearance is not only a matter of women, men must also care for and hydrate their skin, as well as exfoliate their face and why not even use anti-wrinkle creams, so stop the nonsense and start to do your beauty routine.

Thinking about this we want to propose a male beauty ritual for all those who want to start taking care of themselves:

  • Cleaning the face

The skin of the face in men is usually thicker and with a tendency to be more greasy, that is why it is essential to wash your face thoroughly before going to sleep (it is just a matter of doing routine) since during the day it accumulates Dirt on the skin which makes the face more prone to the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

  • When shaving, do it carefully

Shaving the beard is a daily aggression to the skin, so it is advisable to do it when leaving the shower since the pores are open and the hairs therefore soften, for this it is advisable to use a gel product or some foam to help the closing the pores.

  • Don’t forget about your skin

Here it is necessary to differentiate between the skin of your face and the skin of the rest of your body.

As for the skin of your face, it is never too much to use a moisturizing cream, now if you are at an age in which you have to pay more attention to age, then it would be convenient to use an anti-aging cream, but it will depend on you.

Now on your body, it is always important to show off a hydrated and healthy skin, after showering it is convenient to apply a moisturizing cream once or twice a week.

  • The lips, do not forget to hydrate them

Certainly men’s lips are sensual, so it is important to keep them moisturized, so it is advisable to use a moisturizing bar from time to time, but in the case of cracks and dryness, it is best to use a repair balm.

  • Manicured hands and manicured nails

When giving someone a squeeze or caressing that special person you do not want to transmit a scratchy sensation, so it is necessary that you apply a moisturizing hand cream at least once or twice a week, this will help your hands to be soft .

For their part, nails are essential and extremely pleasant for them to be clean and short, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for hygiene reasons.

  • Sunscreen on your face daily

This is extremely necessary to prevent wrinkles and spots on the skin, the exposure of your face to the sun’s rays is extremely aggressive and harmful for it, so it is convenient to use sunscreen daily, for this it is best to buy a sunscreen solar that is specifically for skin as these tend to be less sticky than the ones we use when we go to the beach.

Remember that the damage caused by the sun cannot be recovered.