Treatment form with Mesopeel




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    I DECLARE that the following points have been explained to me:

    • mesopeel® is a range of chemical peels. Chemical peeling is a dermocosmetic procedure that consists of causing accelerated and controlled skin regeneration through the application of chemo-exfoliating agents that allow action at different depths. The action of peeling on the skin tissue favors the elimination of the external layers of the skin with the aim of stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, as well as improving its physiological and mechanical qualities.

    • mesopeel® can treat hyperpigmentation, manifestations of each phase of aging and stethopathies such as acne and its consequences, couperose, rosacea, stretch marks and other imperfections.

    • The professional explained to me that, to obtain better results, perfect and prolong the results obtained in consultation, it is essential to properly prepare the skin, as well as perfect post-treatment follow-up.

    • In the 48 hours after the treatment session, direct and excessive exposure to natural or artificial light, heat sources, and going to saunas or swimming pools should be avoided. During the treatment cycle with mesopeel®, it is essential to use high photoprotection daily, as well as protect the skin several times a day depending on light exposure. Maintain the application schedule for a minimum of six months after completing the treatment.

    • Despite the appropriate choice of the technique and its correct execution, side effects such as pain, burning, stinging, frosting, superficial peeling, erythema, acneiform eruptions, hyper- or hypopigmentation in the treated area may occur.

    Additionally, I have been informed that:

    • It is important to know my personal history of drug allergies, current medications, history of facial herpes simplex, personal or family history of keloids or any other circumstance, as risks or complications may appear or exist after treatment due to my personal circumstances, previous condition. health, age, profession, etc.

    • In my particular case, it has been considered that the indicated treatment is the most appropriate, although there may be other alternatives that would be indicated in another case and that I have had the opportunity to discuss with the professional.

    • Other risks or complications that may appear taking into account my personal circumstances, previous state of health, age or profession are:

    Likewise, I have understood the explanations that have been provided to me in clear and simple language and the professional who has assisted me has allowed me to make all the observations and has clarified all the doubts that I have raised. I have also been informed, have understood and accept the scope, risks and contraindications described for the treatment. Therefore, I declare that I am satisfied with the information received and that I understand the scope and risks of the treatment.