Herbal Pindas

They are natural preparations of aromatic and medicinal herbs mixed with essential oils wrapped in a cloth in the form of bags.


-Chamomile (Anti-inflammatory)

-Lavender (Relaxing)

What it consists of: In balancing the body and mind with relaxing massage manipulations and the therapeutic power of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, when we perform massage with pindas we are receiving a double benefit, that of the massage itself and that of the natural components of the pindas.

Psychic benefits :

-Relaxation of possible contraruras

-Stimulates contracted muscles

-Helps insomnia

-Batta stress

-Helps the immune system

-Calm the migraine

-Improves circulation

Aesthetic benefit :

-Eliminates toxins

-Tones the skin

-Maintains elasticity


Before treatment: Before massaging the pindas, it should be covered with oil so that the sachets can move easily.