Hand and foot treatments: much more than just beauty

Hand and foot treatments: much more than just beauty

Taking care of your hands and feet is not just an affectation, it is like choosing the right outfit when you leave the house. We have put together a selection of salons where the beauty ritual dedicated to the hands and feet also encompasses the idea of general well-being.

Your hands work all day. They open jars, write on computers, drive cars, slice and dice, lift, hold, and play tenderly. Working all day without resting can take its toll on your hands.

The feet also do their fair share of the work. These parts of the body work hard with very little attention or consideration. A hand and foot treatment can give these essential body parts the rest and rejuvenation they need to keep working hard for you all day, every day.

There are infinities of treatments for the hands and feet, among them we can mention the luminous treatment for the hands, this treatment is designed so that your hands look good and feel soft and silky with this integral treatment we begin with a soak and exfoliation of hands followed by an application of a “Green Clay, Lavender Hands Mask ” and a massage to soften and nourish the hands, leaving them smooth and softened, and at the same time contains a subtle aroma.

Just as there are many treatments for the care of the hands, there is also the possibility of taking care of your feet in the way they deserve, among these cares we can mention an oriental aromatherapy treatment that is based on toning the muscles and flaccid tissue and will relieve muscle pain . You can start with a stimulating bath and exfoliation with lemongrass and tea leaf salt, you can add an uplifting mask for your feet, and massage them with foot massage cream for added nutrition. It will leave you walking on clouds.

For the hands and feet the manicure is perfect …

An essential treatment for your hands is to fix your nails and feet to make them look perfect. After soaking your hands, the nails are shaped, filed, cuticles cleaned, and hardened skin removed. Before applying your choice of nail polish, massage your hands and feet with special creams to relax and nourish them.

Ease the pain

In addition to helping you feel relaxed and easing anxiety, a foot massage can help you feel physically better. One study found that subjects suffering from migraines and headaches reduced or eliminated their symptoms with reflexology foot massage. Many study participants no longer needed to take medication for their headaches.

Foot massage can also alleviate the daily pain that often occurs due to flat feet. When your arches fall off, you don’t have the support you need to get through the day without pain. Planter fasciitis is particularly painful in the heel area of the foot. Foot massage several times a week can help you feel better when you need to be on your feet and are struggling with severe or chronic foot pain.