Current trends in male aesthetics

Current trends in male aesthetics

Current trends in male aesthetics

So far in 2019, current trends in men’s aesthetics have managed to completely transform what the world of fashion is, with great diversity in both cuts and hairstyles and clothing.

The current trends in aesthetics for the gentleman, is one of the most variants of aesthetics in general. It is possible to achieve masculine trends with different styles that adapt to the taste of each one.


Current trends in male aesthetics in Latin America

It is no secret to anyone that male beauty in Latin America is incomparable and notorious to the rest of the world, that tropical image that characterizes the Latin man is one of those that sets the greatest international trend.

In this area of the world, fashion in the barbershop area is noticeably marked. From some time to the present, the beard has been one of the benchmarks of men’s style or fashion in Latin America, men who care about their appearance tend to take care of their facial beauty in the first instance, this generated an explosion in the business of barbershop becoming specialized centers for male aesthetics.

The most showy beards in the current year are:

1.- The poor beard: This is a very popular beard style in men who do not have a large amount or volume of facial hair, also known as a dirtbag mustache or 90s goatee, this beard being valid for all gentlemen .

2.- The ultra-marked outer beard: A beard for men who have a greater volume of facial hair, being the favorite style for many men and women, this is done with razor cuts making pronounced lines for what is the outer profile .

3.- Beard with high cheeks: At the end of 2018 these bushy beards were already observed, however, in 2019 the trend of bushy cheeks continued, where the volume of the hairiness of the beard reaches the cheekbone and leaves a notorious mustache, it is necessary for these beards that you stay conditioned and combed to preserve the trend look.

The beauty market in Latin American countries, in the textile branch, maintains tropical styles due to the climate of this region, all this mixed with a retro style linked to the 90s.

Current trends in American male aesthetics

Men’s fashion in the United States is very similar to Latin, taking into account that in recent years the level of migration of Latinos to the American sector has increased notably, despite this, it is possible to highlight that in this part of the world male aesthetics focuses on body care and the use of the best-selling brands.

In America, men frequent beauty salons, better known as Spas, where they incorporate facials, manicures and pedicures.

The American man is one of those who take better care of his figure, they tend to have a well-defined body structure since they are maintained in the world of fitness in order to have a large volume and muscle definition.

In terms of clothing, the retro or vintage style is also notorious, however, this will depend on the time of year. Interestingly, the colors that have been used to date have been bright and cheerful tones, such as red, orange, coral and intense pinks such as peacock pink.

Current trends in male aesthetics in Europe

In this area of the world, they tend to break the standards of the American continent a bit, taking into account that the climatic conditions are very different, the temperatures in the summer exceed 30 ° and in the winter they are below zero.

The European man is characterized by maintaining a fashion that generates comfort regardless of the occasion, while keeping him cool in the summer and warm in the course of winter.

When we talk about current trends in European male aesthetics we imagine that man with a retro style marked between the 70s and 80s, combined with contemporary garments in what are pants, hats and hoods, however, what are coats, sweaters and jackets, they keep its vintage style.