8 tips you need to improve your aesthetics

8 tips you need to improve your aesthetics

Managing an aesthetic beauty salon requires skills that go beyond the technical knowledge essential to the practice of an esthetician. As in any business, the concerns range from the choice and decoration of the premises, through the training and professionalism of the assistants, inventory control, finances, customer acquisition and loyalty strategies … the list seems endless!

Tips for managing your beauty center

  • Plan well the design of your beauty center

The design of the premises counts a lot when it comes to attracting the attention of potential customers. You must take into account the organization of the space, good lighting, the appropriate furniture, a design that facilitates work … In the same way, an environment with wi-fi connection, magazines, tv, water and coffee make the wait more pleasant. Remember that the physical, external and internal image of your beauty salon is also a business card for your business.

  • Study the market, investment and return

You must always be aware of market trends, and know the possible investment and return of each treatment. Stock control, product entry and exit records are directly related to the health of your company. You should also know which are the treatments that generate the most profits and invest in their promotion.

  • Do not forget the total control of the agenda

Having total control of the schedule of your beauty salon is very important.

Record all the appointments and you will not have to worry about anything.

  • Know your customers very well

An efficient client management helps you to know in depth your target audience , their preferences and favorite treatments, contact, birthdays, interests …

With this information at hand it is possible to carry out personalized marketing actions , offer promotions of their interest and stimulate them to invite their friends. Show your customers that they are special and work to keep them.

  • Avoid waste: reduce and reuse

Control the amounts used of products such as creams, shampoos and conditioners, and of resources such as water and energy.

Run awareness campaigns among your employees and avoid waste with simple rules such as drying towels in the open air or turning off the water and light when they are not being used. Choose machines that consume less energy.

  • Pay close attention to hygiene and cleanliness

Hygiene in your beauty salon is essential because it is related to the health of your employees and customers.

Dress your team in a professional and impeccable uniform , showing a fresh and clean image, as well as having neat and clean hair (off the face), simple makeup and no false nails. All these details will make a difference. Good grooming and personal hygiene says a lot about you.

  • Control your stock

A good manager of a beauty space uses only quality products and knows everything that enters and leaves his stock.

Do not accumulate large amounts, as it represents stagnant capital. Make a realistic forecast of your needs, monitor the expiration date of the products and have good suppliers. Periodically check the stock . To have efficient inventory management.

  • Take care of your team, its preparation and motivation

A good leader listens to people, thinks about their training, their quality of life and strives to make teams more motivated. The productivity, concentration and commitment of your employees depend in large part on that.

In the case of businesses such as aesthetics, it is even more important because employees are the most direct contact with the customer. Promoting and promoting good results, investing in their professional improvement and in their training to deal with the client, and building an atmosphere of dialogue and transparency will make a difference.