5 tricks you should be using for male waxing

5 tricks you should be using for male waxing

5 tricks you should be using for male waxing

Male waxing is a subject that for many years has been a taboo in world society, this because many men consider it not very masculine. However, this is a method frequently used by athletes and other men.

Currently there is a great variety of methods for male hair removal , ranging from the blade to the wax; Regardless of which method is used, one must have knowledge of its various techniques so that the result is the best possible.

Depilación masculina, ¿que método es el mejor?

Advantages of male waxing

  1. Esthetic

This is not only a method used by athletes, but by any type of man to look more neat. These aesthetic reasons give a better image to man before society; These tend to remove hairs from the eyebrows, chest and back mostly.

  1. Hygiene

For many men, having a large amount of hair on the body is a very unhygienic characteristic in people, so the best option is to wax. Likewise, for reasons of sweating, they prefer to remove these hairs.

  1. Taste towards women

Despite not being in favor of male waxing , there are many men who remove the hair from their legs, armpits, back and chest only to please their partner, because according to studies, women prefer shaved men.

Male hair removal methods

  • Razor hair removal

This method is the most used by beginners since it is the fastest, but it is the one that lasts the least time. This type of hair removal can be done at home, it is not painful and can be accompanied with shaving foam or gel to avoid irritation.

  • With electric machine

This hair removal can also be done at home, as there are currently a variety of shavers that adapt to the body. The effect of this method is also painless and lasts very little, specifically a week.

  • Depilatory cream

Depilatory cream is a method that works by dissolving the hair that is visible, degrading its keratin. This cream should be spread with the help of a spatula in the area to be waxed, and after waiting a few minutes, remove it with the help of the spatula.

These are the main methods most used by men, however they are not the only ones. Other methods have been waxing, cold waxing, threading, photoepilation, and laser hair removal.

Tricks for hair removal

  1. Stay hydrated

No matter how you decide to wax, it will always be important to keep your skin hydrated with creams, as all these methods dry out the skin and could cause blemishes on your body.

Hydration in male waxing (either with creams or based on exfoliators) will help you avoid itching in the depilated areas, since this is the main side effect of waxing any area of the body.

  1. Avoid the sun and sweat

For the skin to maintain its waxing effect for longer (and not dry out or cause allergies) it is essential to wait 24 hours to sunbathe or exercise after waxing, as well as it is recommended to wax once every two weeks.

  1. Choose a razor that uses the gel

With a variety of manual razors on the market, with more than one blade and gel sheets, it is important to choose the right one for skin care. These gel are responsible for not mistreating the skin and leaving a smooth surface.

Likewise, when you choose to wax manually, it is recommended to do it in the direction of hair growth. In this way we will prevent the hair from growing quickly again.

  1. 4 sheet machines

In the case of male waxing , it is advisable to start by softening the hair to be waxed (in the case of the legs) with plenty of warm water, apply the shaving foam and use 4 or 5 blade razors for greater effectiveness.

  1. Apply the fixed

This trick only consists of lowering the length of the hairs with the help of a pair of scissors. It is generally used for the chest and leg area by men who avoid male waxing .

This can also be done with the help of a body shaver, beard trimmer or with a hair clipper. With it, it is possible to avoid the itching or irritation caused by traditional hair removal methods.