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Estética masculina Barcelona


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Tratamientos faciales para hombres

Aesthetic for men

Our center

Our Aesthetic Center for Men in Barcelona is a place for your well-being that was born in 2015, the result of the dream of providing comfort and harmony, we form an aesthetic clinic that meets your needs, thanks to our commitment to the patient and professionalism. . We are a center that has adapted to the new male demands and requirements regarding their beauty standards. To do this, we must add their sensitivity to each male aesthetic treatment with a great professional...

Our mission

As a male aesthetic center, it is pampering you from head to toe, being the first option and to do so we combine traditional massage and aesthetic treatments with the most avant-garde means.

Do you have any doubt?

If you have any questions, visit the frequently asked questions section, as a men's beauty center we answer you with professionalism. Invest in yourself, feel healthier and positive. Enjoy a few hours of relaxation with aesthetics for men that make sense, facial treatments for men or male aesthetic and beauty treatments, or painless male hair removal, using the latest super-professional diode laser technology. There is a habit of care that you should not underestimate to experience the potential of aesthetic medicine and surgery, you can contact professionals to clear up any doubts.

Why choose us?


Our years of experience account for specialized care and aesthetics for men, which offers high-quality products from leading brands that save you bad experiences, giving our best to cover all the needs of today's man, involving him in our therapies and explaining the steps Step by step with all our treatments in the cabin and in the open, we will soon see the many proposals to improve and prioritize men's care with technological innovations. If you are looking for a great deal, this is your opportunity from men's male aesthetics. Male aesthetic treatments are essential to improve your life.


Our facilities are designed for men's well-being, a place adapted to the needs of the modern man who seeks to disconnect, take care of himself and receive the best treatments in men's cosmetics with special professional attention to men's skin. In personalized treatment, aimed at the male audience and at the best price, we want to make you feel a part of our center through our team of friendly and detailed professionals with all clients and for this reason they usually receive five stars for their excellent service. In this way, improving your physical appearance is possible by relying on this treatment. Platelet-rich plasma is a method used that you should know in depth.


With good taste and proposing the best white label products for each person is totally recommended, we care about training and being up to date with everything related to beauty treatments for men. CL Men's Aesthetics in Barcelona we are specialists in men's skin. We have the ability to make you feel calm and relaxed without those overwhelming mini cubicles that become annoying, it is super pleasant, this reinforces the importance of aesthetic medicine for men.


All the natural products we use are of the highest quality, since we use leading brands for any type of anti-aging treatment, hydration, exfoliation... we also use the latest technology in spa equipment for the best body and facial treatments in Barcelona. With specialized services such as tattoo removal, anti-aging treatment and more, you can see all the offers for you. The procedure seeks to highlight and define hair features.

centro de belleza Barcelona

Our services

Experience our exclusive line of body products designed for the modern and sophisticated man.

tratamientos corporales

We offer body treatments to improve the health and beauty of your skin, such as body peels, lymphatic drainage and more.

Depilación masculina
Hair removal

We remove unwanted hair from your face with wax or diode laser, respecting your skin type and avoiding irritation.

Tratamientos faciales para hombres

We perform deep cleansing, masks, peels and other facial services to rejuvenate, nourish and protect your skin.

Estética masculina Barcelona
Mani & Pedi-Cure

We beautify your hands and feet with professional manicure and pedicure, taking care of your nails, cuticles and skin.

Estética masculina Barcelona

We offer you relaxing, decontracting massages, volcanic or basalt stones and therapeutic massages to relieve stress, pain and muscle tension.

Absolute kindness. Despite being ahead of schedule, they didn't make me wait and got to work. They were very careful, respectful and professional. Unique attention and availability. Totally recommended!

By Renan Avila /

Zeus assisted me on two occasions and it has been a very good experience. Close and friendly treatment, resolves all your doubts from the first moment. Recommended 100 x 100 for friends and acquaintances!! Zeus see you soon!! Thank you.

By Isaiteitor JS /

It has been incredible, I travel a lot and many times after a stressful day I look for a good massage and I can say that it has been one, if not the best, massage of my life, Adrián has incredible hands and is very attentive, I will return without a doubt.

By Joan Reus /

Qualified experts

Meet our professional medical team

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Diode Laser
Equipo CL 1
Electric Hair Removal
Equipo CL masajista
Beauty clinic
Massage therapist
Equipo CL estilista
Equipo CL 5
Massage therapist

How old is our male aesthetic center?

2020, within this time we stand out as one of the best men's aesthetic centers in Barcelona, with a position valued by our clients with the treatments designed for them who, day after day, demand that we be at the forefront of aesthetic care.

Do you want a facial treatment for men in Barcelona?

We specialize in seeing beyond the appearance of your care and image with an improvement policy and the best criteria to advise, good treatment, our objective as male aesthetics Barcelona, is to do a skin analysis, highlight and define your features. , listen to your needs and offer you the best, both in the cabin and at home, our top treatment is; microneedeling and our hydrafacial. Ask about our facial body or facial hair removal treatments: forehead, dark circles, between the eyebrows, furrows, as well as loss of facial hydration, it is much more than a spa, evaluate the best of aesthetic medicine for men.

Do you provide hair removal, waxing and body massage services?

Within our services, we stand out for male hair removal, as we consider it our star treatment. We are one of the few centers where we give normality to all types of hair removal for men, we have the best chiromassages qualified by the UCAM university, like a complete spa, try the effect of hyaluronic acid on men. With different male aesthetic medicine treatments Barcelona, we have extensive experience in surgery and aesthetic medicine for men. Plus, the walls are real walls, no curtains, you have absolute privacy to prioritize your beauty and masculine aesthetics.

Do you have laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is here to stay and year after year its equipment is becoming more effective and innovative. In men's aesthetics, Barcelona we have the best brands on the market to reach even the most intimate and sensitive areas with a guarantee of 0 damage. We avoid all irritation and take special care in removing hair from the entire body. We are one of the most in-demand male aesthetic clinics in all of Barcelona, check the address near CL aesthetic, you will feel like you are in a spa because even the decoration is pleasant to strengthen your first experience.

Where are we located?

Find us through our contact channels as the Barcelona Men's Aesthetic Center and you can obtain more information.

Unfortunately our products cannot yet cover all your needs if you are located in these areas: Álava, Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Ávila, Badajoz, Burgos, Cáceres, Cádiz, Cantabria, Castellón, Ceuta, Segovia, Seville, Soria, Tarragona , Teruel, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid Lugo, Madrid, Malaga.

¿Se realizan tratamientos de medicina estima en Barcelona?

Somos un centro de estética, no un centro de medicina.

Acerca de CL Estética, cada vez más hombres se animan a realizarse tratamientos corporales faciales de estética masculina Barcelona. Con el fin de redensificar la piel para el rejuvenecimiento facial, eliminar bolsas y ojeras, para tratar las arrugas de expresión, para definir los rasgos faciales o para eliminar el vello de forma definitiva en nuestro centro de estética masculina Barcelona. Recupera tu identidad masculina tratamientos faciales efectivos para conseguirlos.

En nuestro centro cinco estrellas se ha adaptado para satisfacer las mayores exigencias. En nuestro propio centro el espacio es súper agradable y de buen trato, las cabinas son realmente amplias. Se ofrece productos de alta calidad, marcas punteras que te ahorran y aportan técnicas y aparatos más innovadores. Nuestro instituto médico láser podemos tratar las arrugas de expresión del tercio superior, somos uno de los mejores centros de medicina estética centrados en la belleza, con los mejores tratamientos estéticos y distintos tipos de peeling facial para ofrecerte sin necesidad de esos incómodos momentos. También, contamos con un gran profesional abanico de tratamientos corporales para hombres que se suman para eliminar las células muertas.  Nuestro objetivo en la estética masculina Barcelona es que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario en Barcelona. Ante los primeros signos del envejecimiento solo debes solicitar información sobre las alternativas disponibles.

Somos el centro que se adapta a las nuevas tendencias de cuidado personal para que refuerces tu bienestar y te sientas mejor contigo mismo.

Consulta informativa gratuita sobre el cabello corporal, masaje y estética masculina, tratamientos estéticos para hombres y para obtener más información acerca de nuestros años de experiencia al servicio de estética y bienestar... Descubre todos los servicios que más demandan nuestros pacientes para que conseguir los mejores resultados y la mejora de su bienestar. Contamos con gran conocimiento de técnicas, productos y aparatos, poseemos años de experiencia y te ofrecemos la mejor calidad precio y productos de alta calidad, somos el mejor centro de estética para hombres de Barcelona. Contamos con expertos en cirugía y medicina estética. 

La medicina estética masculina está en auge, cada vez son más los hombres que buscan tratamientos para mejorar su apariencia. Los tratamientos estéticos masculinos van desde la eliminación de arrugas y papada hasta la eliminación de grasa y la realización de injertos capilares. La estética masculina facial también es muy importante, y se pueden realizar tratamientos mínimamente invasivos como la luz pulsada o el uso de fibras de colágeno para mejorar la apariencia de la piel y reducir la actividad de las glándulas sebáceas. En definitiva, existen muchos tratamientos masculinos en el ámbito de la medicina estética para ofrecer los mejores resultados y mejorar la apariencia de los hombres.

La medicina estética masculina se ha convertido en una tendencia cada vez más popular, y en nuestra unidad de medicina estética nos enfocamos en ofrecer los mejores tratamientos para satisfacer las necesidades específicas de nuestros pacientes masculinos. En nuestro sitio web encontrará todo el contenido sobre los tratamientos que ofrecemos, así como información sobre nuestros médicos especialistas y la alta tecnología que utilizamos. Desde eliminar arrugas y capilares con la depilación láser hasta mejorar la calidad de la piel y la belleza facial, nos aseguramos de que cada paciente reciba un tratamiento personalizado y profesional. Además, ofrecemos la posibilidad de contacto con nuestra unidad de medicina estética para que puedas resolver tus dudas y obtener más información sobre nuestros servicios y tratamientos.

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