You should quit sex and just dedicate yourself to male waxing

You should quit sex and just dedicate yourself to male waxing

You should quit sex and just dedicate yourself to male waxing

Male waxing has become very popular in recent years. Men are becoming more and more addicted to waxing with different methods, and if they cannot wax, they use their old friend, the razor.

In a world full of complexities, waxing has become popular to save those of the hairs, because it is no secret that men can be very hairy in many areas of our body, therefore they always look for options to reduce or remove those hairs .


Advantages and disadvantages of male waxing

Male waxing has only one fine, to remove the hair that the user who is going to perform it has. The benefits will vary depending on the type of method you use to wax.

For example, waxing is not the same as using a razor. The wax removes the hairs from the roots causing them to grow slowly and take a few weeks, but its disadvantage is that it can be painful; On the other hand, the razor is totally painless, but its disadvantage is that it pulls the hairs superficially and encourages the growth of the pampering with more volume.

And just like these, there are many more methods, but one of the most popular is laser hair removal, which is painless, removes hair from the roots and can take months to grow, its disadvantage is the high cost of the method and the side effects that it may cause in certain users.

Sensations for first timers

It is no secret to anyone that the subject of male waxing is still taboo, there are even many men who still feel sorry when approaching beauty houses to use their methods on them. Therefore, for gentlemen who decide to take the step of waxing for the first time in their lives, the sensations can have “mixed” feelings.

“The man is like the bear, the uglier the tastier”, enclosed in this famous saying of popular culture, is also enclosed the taboo of men to wax, therefore one of the first sensations of the person is nudity, and clearly because hair provides more weight and heat to the body, and without them everything changes.

But, with the previous saying, recent studies reveal that 53% percent of the male community and 69% percent of the female, believe that body hair is unpleasant for beaches and swimming pools, according to a recent study by Phillips.

As a result, male waxing has become more popular, and taboos have largely been left behind.

Also, one of the first sensations that can be very relaxing is the softness that the skin can acquire after being waxed correctly, because for no one it is a secret that after the first waxing your skin returns to being like when you were a baby, smooth as silk.

And so, there is also the feeling that everyone judges you but that is something very personal and it will vary depending on the man. After its first time with the laser or another method, the social pressure of the people around you is waiting, but of course, all this is in the individual thought of each man as we mentioned earlier.

As you can see, within the “common male thought” there are various limitations that must be dealt with, but, after having overcome such limitations, waxing can be a piece of cake and become a daily and normal thing in the life of a human being of male gender.

Manly aesthetics

Today, men have acquired habits and customs that were previously not well regarded. Nowadays everything has changed, and it is because for work reasons such as being a swimmer or a soccer player that requires being waxed, or personal reasons, waxing and hairless male skin has been normalizing over the years.

Many men are no longer afraid of these methods, instead, they adore and make it natural in their lives to wax, something that has been accepted little by little and has become somehow sexy and attractive to the human eye.