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Why is male aesthetics still relevant?

Why is male aesthetics still relevant?

Male aesthetics was for a long time a subject of taboo among gentlemen, since it was frowned upon for a man to undergo cosmetic procedures, which was declared as “matters concerning women” for a long time.

However, the last decades have modified the thinking of societies and it is much more common for gentlemen to be in favor of male aesthetic treatments. Let us then know the implications that make male aesthetics continue to be relevant in our time.

Modelo, Hombre, Resumen, Persona, Humana

Reasons Gentlemen Choose Male Aesthetics

Men who undergo treatments related to male aesthetics , be it surgery, creams, injections or any other procedure, in the opinion of many professionals, do so for three reasons:

  • Increased attractiveness for partner selection.
  • Temper aggressively characterized facial features.
  • Maintain a youthful appearance to compete in the workplace.

What makes men so special?

To allow the male cosmetic market to reach its potential, clinicians have had to analyze and understand what makes men unique both biologically and behaviorally.

A review of the scientific literature on facial anatomy documents substantial anatomical differences between genders. The male skull is not only unique in its larger overall size, but also in its unique shape.

Men consistently underuse preventive health care services compared to women, regardless of income or ethnicity, even when reproductive services are taken into account.

When men go to the doctor, they tend to be passive patients. They are more likely to have shorter doctor visits, less likely to ask questions, pay less attention to body changes, and tend to visit the doctor later in the course of their condition than women.

The preventive misbehavior of men’s health also extends to their dermatological care. Men are less likely to visit a dermatologist.

It is for this reason that professionals have been dedicated to effectively channeling the approach to aesthetics, giving men a much more comfortable and attractive point of view, so that more and more men are opting for aesthetic treatments male .

Aging and male beauty

Due to their poor health and sunscreen behavior, men age poorly compared to women.

Men develop wrinkles at a younger age. Since men have less subcutaneous fat at all ages, they develop more folds and deep grooves with a significant loss of volume.

Despite their accelerated facial aging, not all men are as concerned about the aging process as women. Men are not looking for perfection, but they want to maintain a youthful appearance. They are also less specific in their concerns and tend not to focus on one particular area.

Men are also more difficult to treat as there is very little data on men’s beauty ideals when it comes to masculine aesthetics .

Will aesthetics remain a uniquely feminine domain?

Historically, the aesthetic clinic has always been the domain of female patients rather than male. In addition to the fact that women are possibly more involved in their appearance, there has been a long-standing stigma against men seeking plastic surgery and other non-surgical cosmetic treatments to look their best.

These stereotypes are increasingly being challenged. Statistics reveal that in the UK, the overwhelming majority of cosmetic surgical procedures (91%) are still performed on women.

In the US, the numbers are slightly higher, as men had 13% of the total number of cosmetic surgery procedures in 2016, also recognizing that there are many types of male patients with different needs and requests.

Men want male aesthetic treatments!

Men want cosmetic procedures, but are often reluctant to have them because society dictates that they shouldn’t.

Many men want plastic surgery and non-surgical treatments, and many women want their men to have them too. However, there is a lot of resistance; And the main reason for that: social norms tell men that it is for women.

But men should not be a minority, so there has been work to make it more socially acceptable.

The right message for gentlemen

Of course, for most professionals it is not feasible to open a clinic aimed exclusively at men. But there are other ways to attract men and encourage them through your doors.

As any esthetician will attest, it is important that all patients feel comfortable entering the clinic, and that begins even before entering the facility. When thinking about attracting male patients, the general experience is taken into account, including the projection of the clinic on websites and social media.

Many clinics look quite feminine and that discourages men from taking treatments at such facilities. For this reason they have taken action on the matter, and today many male and female aesthetic establishments took the initiative to opt for a neutral appearance that keeps gentlemen comfortable.

Similarly, products that professionals store and promote could be marketed exclusively for men.

Certain skincare ranges are geared more toward women, in their brand and fragrance, thus opting for a relatively gender-neutral look and may appear quite scientific, which could appeal to men.

Men like discretion and privacy, and that is often more important to them than the cost of treatment. To achieve that, we do not seek to operate in a crowded waiting room, rather it is about scheduling appointments so that there is never a crossing of more than two people.

Men are a very underserved patient population, so it’s really important to do everything you can to attract them. Thanks to these measures , male aesthetics remains relevant and will be much more so in the near future, with the growing number of gentlemen comfortable and at ease with aesthetic treatments.