Who I am?

Who I am?

I am Claudia Loboa Colombian stylist born in the city of Cali on August 05, 1984.

Counting on a work experience of 14 years ; between Madrid, Paris and Barcelona.

I have worked in the field of both male and female beauty and today specialized exclusively in male grooming.


For whom?

With my good work and my greatest illusion , I have decided to bet on opening a male aesthetic center , where the most gourmets will be able to go to pamper themselves physically and psychologically.



After the need and the importance of personal care, I realized the great demand that there is and the little offer for boys when it comes to having an aesthetic treatment.

Why not give freshness and naturalness to treatments such as a male intimate waxing, a body peeling, a male anti-aging treatment and many other treatments.

Today, they feel the same needs as us, but no one screams saying here is your space !

Where do I want to go?

My goal is to be a pioneer and a recognized name in the beauty of man. Not only physical, but also emotional since we are the reflection of the soul.


What do I offer?

We offer you a high range of treatments, professionalism, quality, comfort, seriousness, responsibility and adaptation to the needs of our clients.


Was it easy?

I also have to say that it has not been easy for me to develop and grow with my idea. Since by exposing it I risked having doors closed for me, luckily I have many people who believe in me and I have their full support.

Thanks to all customers and friends!