What motivates men to look more masculine?

What motivates men to look more masculine?

How is the consultation different compared to women?

It is customary that male aging is considered more accepted than in women.

Men often refer to their wrinkles as manly character lines and interpret their graying, receding hair as making them more distinguished. Today, however, more and more men take pride in improving their appearance and physique. The demand for male-centered cosmetic procedures has increased due to changing social attitudes, improving professional competitiveness, new trends in fashion and the achievement of an idealized self. Even men in their 20s and 30s, who want to look more attractive to their spouses or significant others, adopt non-surgical procedures and are generally not shy about talking about their options.

What motivates men to have cosmetic procedures?

The main motivation for men undergoing cosmetic procedures was the pursuit of a more youthful appearance or simply looking better for their age without compromising their masculine appearance. More men are seeking a more masculine face with a stronger jaw, chin and nasal profile with injectables and non-invasive devices, as well as reduced submental fat.

For men, some of the top daunting reasons to undergo cosmetic procedures were cost, time for appointments, or recovery. It is worrying whether the increase in demand is a passing trend or an enduring norm.

Usually, combined approaches can be recommended to achieve desired results and recovery times that meet expectations and realistic costs. Highly qualified and certified physicians must be able to provide subtle and natural results with safety in mind, so that family and friends can comment on how well the procedure was performed.

When it comes to consulting with men, what issues are of greater importance than women?

Men and women show different anatomical variations, specifically with regard to bone structure and prominence, skin thickness, fat distribution, and muscle mass from the face to the trunk and extremities. With regard to aging, men will experience greater periocular facial changes, more severe wrinkles, hair loss, patterned abdominal and trunk fat deposits, and gynecomastia, making them appear older than their actual age and female counterparts.

Men deserve to look good too!

Many men do not know what treatments are available to them! There are so many misconceptions out there. The comments we hear the most from undecided men are “Cosmetic procedures are for women.” There are differences in male / female aesthetics. While most women strive to look younger, most men want to look masculine, rich, and powerful.

Women LOVE a man who takes care of himself, beyond the shower and the occasional cologne. A man who takes pride in his appearance is not vain, rather, the man who takes pride in his appearance shows a certain respect for himself, looking his best by nature.