Depilación Barcelona hombres

Waxing Barcelona men

Waxing Barcelona men

In past centuries, excess hair was considered a symbol of manhood (in men) and even beauty, however this has changed due to current beauty standards. Waxing for both men and women is synonymous with neatness, cleanliness and a good image.

Every time new hair removal methods are coming out that adapt to the most demanding tastes of people. Throughout the Spanish territory, you can find aesthetic centers that offer this type of services. It is important that when choosing an aesthetic center, we make sure that it has the corresponding permission to be able to treat the public.

Depilación Barcelona hombres

Learn about the best methods in Barcelona to achieve good hair removal for men

It is clear that the standards of beauty have changed. Today’s man is characterized by taking care of his image much more than in past times. In Barcelona there are beauty centers that offer a wide variety of services, including waxing, massages, among others.

Of course, as the years go by, new techniques, treatments and products come out every time that allow both men and women to take better care of our personal image.

Some time ago body hair was seen as synonymous with beauty and manliness in men, however there are some activities today that require a man to be completely waxed.

Among these activities we can find the practice of a sport or if you are a professional model. Beyond this, a man can shave simply as a matter of comfort with himself or on the recommendations of a dermatologist, this when the patient presents cysts or hirsutism.

According to various surveys, the percentage of men who visit an aesthetic center increases every year, today it is 20 to 30%. This indicates that there is a change in mentality in society and indicates that there are no longer prejudices, much less stereotypes that limit men from wanting to take care of their personal image.

Body hair can be temporarily, partially, completely and even permanently removed. All this depends on the method or means used to treat them.

In Barcelona and throughout the Spanish territory, you can find various hair removal methods , among which we have the following:

  • Manual machine or blades: this method is characterized by how simple and practical it is, in fact it can be done by the same person and she can control the amount of hair she wants to remove. It should be borne in mind that despite how easy it is to perform this type of hair removal, the health of the skin can be affected due to small cuts and even irritation in the depilated area. The duration of epilation with this method varies between people and the place in which it was applied.
  • Laser photoepilation and pulsed light: the main advantage of laser photoepilation is that it is a permanent hair removal method. Basically it destroys the hair follicle and ensures that the hair does not grow back and “frees” the patient from constantly waxing. It can be applied to any part of the body, and even the genitals and does not present any type of risk. In addition to this, the pulsed light is totally painless and helps to rejuvenate the patient’s skin. As a disadvantage compared to other methods, we have that it is somewhat expensive, since at the beginning of the sessions a greater amount of money must be disbursed than other types of treatment.
  • Waxing: it is a very effective method, however it is not preferred by male patients because it is very painful. Hair is pulled from the roots and results are maintained for 3 to 4 weeks. This is less aggressive on the skin, but the hair must be at least half an inch long to be effective. In the same way, it can be applied from the comfort of home, but it does not hurt to have a professional.

There are other methods such as depilatory creams for men or electric machines, which give immediate results, but with unfavorable results, since they do not last long.

In the best of cases it is better to go where a true professional, in aesthetic centers and in this way we would not be compromising health.