Tricks to get the perfect beard

Tricks to get the perfect beard

Before deciding to grow a beard, even if it’s short, it’s important to know which beard styles flatter your face shape. The general rule of thumb is to allow the beard to soften the limbs and bring everything closer to a central, more oval spot. Think of it this way: if you have a longer, longer face, you don’t want to magnify the fact with a long, narrow beard. Visually, it will be the first thing everyone associates with.

Instead, you should widen the face and plan the sides fuller, but trim things under the chin. The opposite can be said of a square and wide face. Soften the jaw with trimmed sides and a fuller patch under the chin.

Be patient

The biggest obstacle between you and a good beard is time . The beard that you can grow out can be much larger and fuller than you anticipate, simply because you have never grown it out after the first uneven month. Beards are not reserved for men with stubble.

Luckily for all of us, beard hairs grow thick and disheveled, filling those patches after a while. So follow the path. Take the following tip in those first few weeks to look like a defined beard, even in its shortest stages, and you’ll soon wake up to find you’ve crossed the threshold.

Shave the perimeter

There’s a big difference between letting your beard grow lazily and actually taking charge of growth and style – the neck and cheek lines. They have to be maintained as they give the beard its intended shape, even in the first few weeks. The cheek line will be determined by the size of your whiskers there.

Trust your own intuition, but if you need help with fluffier cheeks, choose a beard stencil tool that helps you draw crisp lines.

As for your cleavage, there is an easy way to do it: take two fingers and place them on the Adam’s apple. Cut out an imaginary “U” shape behind the ears and jaw, and join in the middle at this point on your neck. Shave everything below this line. This is your cleavage, and you have officially defined your beard as such, and not just “5 days without shaving.”

Complement your efforts

Unlike head hair, it is hotly debated whether supplements can help strengthen facial hair. And while they certainly won’t generate any new hair, it’s a good bet that the vitamins will help thicken and smooth existing hairs, as well as make your beard grow faster. Biotin is your best friend in this endeavor, which will also help you get better.

Trim as it grows

You know how you have to texturize and layer your hair as it grows, to look half decent and avoid awkward in-between stages? The same goes for trimming a beard as it grows. However, it’s less about layering and more about shaping, and everything is tailored to the desired style and shape that you want.

You cannot grow everything to the same length; Also, your beard is unkempt and wiry, and some hairs need to be tamed with a trimmer rather than combed in place.