The rise of aesthetic treatments for men

The rise of aesthetic treatments for men

Aesthetic treatments in men: This is why

Until recently, 90% of all cosmetic procedures and treatments were performed on women, this is no longer the case. Since 1997, the total number of cosmetic procedures performed on men has tripled. In fact, cosmetic injections have increased in men by 81% since 2010.

Over time, men see their female counterparts excited about the results and wonder what these products can do for them. It’s not just cosmetic procedures that are on the rise for men, in general men are beginning to be more careful when it comes to their skincare regimen.

Men are increasingly interested in skincare, accounting for 31% of total toiletries sales, and men’s skincare is experiencing exceptionally strong growth, with sales increasing by 16.5%. We are delighted with this upward trend for men, as in the past, men have apparently not cared as much about taking care of their skin as their female counterparts. We love that men are making choices to take the best possible care of themselves.

During consultation

During a cosmetic treatment consultation, men often express different concerns than women. The current trend for men is to maintain their masculine features without changing their dynamic facial expressions. With the increasingly competitive workforce, men are seeking treatments that help them look less tired, more alert and younger to help them gain that competitive edge.

Some of the most requested treatments for men are tear channels, a sharper jaw, and a more prominent chin. In summary, studies show that men focus more on subtle rejuvenation treatments compared to plumping or plumping treatments and are often treated with an individualized approach because of this, men are also in favor of limiting your downtime after treatment, which lends itself well to non-invasive treatments.

Most Wanted Procedures

Jaw line improvement

  • A strong and well defined jaw is a symbol of masculinity. When a patient feels they have a weak jaw, volume and definition can be added, helping to sculpt a strong, well-defined jaw.

This procedure helps restore harmonization to the lateral profile of the face and is often performed in conjunction with a chin augmentation. In addition, it is used to help masculinize or feminize the face. Men tend to ask for a wider, chiseled jaw. While the woman requests a smoother and more contoured appearance.

Fine lines and wrinkles (nasolabial folds)

  • The ‘ nasolabial ‘ or ‘nose to mouth’ lines and folds are similar in many respects to the ‘Marionette’ lines and folds. Both are formed when, through the natural aging process, the fat pads of the cheeks begin to thin and fall down, while at the same time the central part of the face loses soft tissue volume. Both of these natural aging processes help create a line and / or crease at the nasolabials.

Men are increasingly requesting cosmetic treatments to help them look younger overall, we have heard from many doctors that much of this motivation comes from the desire to continue advancing in their careers and the concern that they will look tired or higher results in them.

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