The physical impact of emotions

The physical impact of emotions

The physical impact of emotions


Neural connections remind us of the traumas that we have experienced in some moments of our life, causing us all kinds of physical pain. Working on our feelings can be key to alleviating the discomfort of our body .

A pain of this type can last more than six months unlike acute and punctual. And it does not always have a physical cause, but are emotional factors .

Pains of this type are usually manifested in the head, back, joints or digestive, this ends up causing sleep difficulties, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite among others.

2 Symptoms that mark this type of ailments

Recorded pain: we know that chronic pain can be the consequence of acute pain that has been recorded due to emotional circumstances and is the reason for the return of this pain.

When the initial emotion is reactivated, our body is responsible for remembering the trauma. We also know that memorized pain “turns off” at night when we are not conscious.

Emotions: emotions are the keys that open or close the way to some ills and pains that we suffer. It is essential not to repress them, as they represent our true self. It is important to learn to manage our emotions, and the development of emotional intelligence. These proposals will help us to process feelings in a more beneficial way for our body.

Some of the ways that can help you achieve a healthier emotional state are:

  • A journal: writing down our most frequent feelings is beneficial to be able to see our inner world from a more objective point of view, and to be aware of what we live and how we live it.
  • Positive thinking: leave negativity behind and always keep a series of positive thoughts in mind. Adopt an approach to life in which you see yourself capable of carrying out whatever you set your mind to. Bet on “if I can.”
  • Breathe: anger is one of the feelings that takes over the most and makes us lose control. Before letting yourself be carried away by this evil, take several deep breaths trying to create a distance from the situation.
  • Touch: allow yourself to love and let yourself be loved. Don’t be afraid to give a hug or a caress.
  • Physical appearance: serotonin is the hormone of happiness, like endorphin. We can all do certain things to have them more present in our body: taking care of our physical appearance, with sports, good nutrition and taking time for ourselves or going to an aesthetic or personal care center where they advise us to have a radiant and happy appearance.

Some of the ailments that are related to emotional aspects:

The cervicals:

It is usually associated with a high emotional charge or with weights that “you can’t get rid of”



Chest pain:

Sometimes it is associated with feeling a lack of support.



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