donde hacer depilación laser masculina

The most incredible article on male waxing you’ll ever read

There was a time when talking about Male waxing was a taboo subject, it was a time when men did not like to do this kind of thing, a time when most men were not as careful about their appearance as it is now.

Before, the man who waxed was considered a metrosexual man and in fact it was taboo, but there came a point where it stopped being that way, today we are in a society in which men care a lot about looking good.

If you have not done it yet, you have to try it, male waxing

NO to begin with, we are not exaggerating with the title. Second, if you have doubts about hair removal, then calm down and they will dissipate after reading this article.

As I said, male waxing was for a time a taboo subject, we lived in a time where men were more unconcerned about their appearance and hygiene, of course things change, today we are at a time where all men want to look good and if they are not all then almost all if they want.

There are times when men take care of their hygiene and their appearance much more than women. And watch out, this is not wrong nor does it make you exactly homosexual (which is not wrong either) this is simply that times have changed and beauty standards have also changed.

Male waxing is very normal, in fact today almost all men do it and this is because it brings many advantages.

  • First, nobody likes body hair, both men and women agree that this is very unpleasant in any part of the body, it is very unsightly, although I am not going to lie to you, there are women who consider that the hair on the chest and legs is sexy but many others don’t like it at all.
  • Second, hair is very uncomfortable when it comes to playing sports, I am sure that it is not a secret for anyone the fact that soccer players wax, and not only soccer players but athletes in all disciplines, hairs become a nuisance when practicing a routine or following a workout.
  • Third, this is very obvious, because otherwise you would wax, because for hygiene, hygiene is very important and you are no longer in the 19th century, all men should take care of their hygiene and having body hair is not a very good sign of hygiene. Body hair can cause us to smell bad and that is not right.
  • Fourth comfort, we all feel more comfortable instantly after waxing, if you have not tried you should do it, not having body hair gives a feeling of freedom and well-being, try it at least once and you will notice the difference in how it feels to have and have no hair.

What Male Hair Removal Methods Are Most Convenient For You?

If you have already decided to wax, then you just need to choose the method, there are various methods to wax, you can choose the one that best suits what you want and your comfort.

Wax is a good method, it pulls the hairs from the roots which makes their growth take longer, taking between 2 to 3 weeks for the roots to re-form, now the bad thing is that it is a very painful method.

If you have a razor then what are you waiting for? Electric razors are a good option for shaving and they are simple and fast.

If good, shaving with blades can give us good results, only that this method can be less effective, it causes itching after being used since it does not shave the hair 100% and when they grow they are harder.

Well, I have never used depilatory cream but they are easy to apply, they just have to be spread evenly over the area to be waxed and then removed with a spatula, it is a painless and easy method, but the unpleasant smell may be a problem. of the cream and that later the hair can come out hard.

Laser hair removal is the best option, it provides the maximum time without hair, only this method is as effective as it is expensive.

If you have never waxed and want to try it, you should do it, choose any method and after you do it you will be able to feel the difference between having and not having hair.