The benefits of body peeling in men

The benefits of body peeling in men


Body peeling is a treatment that is based mainly on the elimination of the enucleated cells that we have in our skin (commonly called dead), with the sole purpose of improving and thus favoring cell renewal, oxygenation of cells and the appearance of the area in which the treatment has been carried out.

In men, as in women, the peeling can be done in areas


It can be in the facial area and it can also be carried out only on the body, the latter being as a general rule a little more abrasive due to the type of skin than the former. Since the skin of the body that we all usually have (and especially men) is thicker than that of the face, but in both cases we have to remember that they are completely painless for the client .

When doing a body peel for men


When we professionally perform a body peeling in our center, it may have the purpose (also in the short medium term) to prepare the skin in this way for a treatment that we may have later. (since it notably increases the permeability of the dermis when it is carried out, allowing the passage of the active principles of the products or treatments that we plan to apply), as well as to clearly improve the appearance of scars of our leather, stretch marks and spots on the skin.

Types of peeling


Regardless of the area in which we perform the peeling, there are different types of peeling, within which they are classified as: mechanical, physical and chemical .

A peeling (also called “natural”) that is called physical is that it is carried out by the action of agents that we can call external agents that we all know such as the wind and the sun.

A mechanical peel is by exfoliating the skin in each case with equipment such as the well-known diamond-tipped microdermabrasion .

We call chemical peeling the one that is carried out by exfoliating creams and acids of different types.

When we think about this type of treatment, the choice in each case of one or another type of peeling for us depends in each case on the problem or result that we are expecting or that we have to treat.

For example, if what we want with this treatment is to eliminate stains, a chemical peel is more recommended that in this way has a specific acid for this effect, and as retinoic acid can be used in many cases.

If, on the other hand, you want to prepare for a reducing treatment, you can rather consider applying a mechanical peel. Since it gives very good results in all the cases that we use it since it is applied eliminating the horny layer of the epidermis on your skin and in this way the passage of lipolytic substances is progressively increased.

It should be noted that each type of peeling involves different care. Those made with acid generally photo-sensitize the skin (there are exceptions), so they are recommended for use in winter; while mechanics can be applied all year round. In the same way, you must indicate to the patient the use of correct sun protection if the treated area is exposed, both in winter and in summer.


Benefits you can obtain from performing the body peeling with us


  • It is an almost immediate effect on the skin of the person, and from the first minute it looks much brighter, smoother and on the other hand healthy.
  • In a remarkable way, what we call the permeability of the dermis increases. And in this way we favor the active ingredients of other products that we may be using.
  • It is ideal for working on imperfections such as hyperkeratosis that we can have on the skin in areas of friction of our body such as elbows, heels, knees and sole of the foot.
  • Significant increase in circulation in the blood zone within the treated area.
  • Oxygenation in the skin of the treated areas. With this we get our skin cells to recover faster and regenerate.


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