Today I want to tell you a little about how the Covid has affected men so much single and married, and this virus has not only impacted health, economy, stability if not also interpersonal relationships.

I have heard a couple of stories from my married clients, and most agree that they are considering a divorce, having discovered that they were not as happy as they thought they were. Coexistence in quarantine has taken a heavy toll on them. This added to other factors that have helped to think about a separation and that is that we had not experienced a confinement of such magnitude, nor did we imagine it; therefore, we were not prepared to face it, much less endure it for so many months. Coexistence 24/7 as a couple, household chores, childcare, teleworking, overeating, not taking care of one’s appearance, among others, led to an overload of emotions that today result in couples that they did not know each other fully, much less could tolerate each other. Time will tell us that it will pass, the truth is that whenever there is love you must fight shoulder to shoulder to stay.

No forget the details, self-care and self-love, if you love yourself and are happy With yourself, you can share that happiness and love with your partner. Oh and no neglect your appearance remember that everything enters through the eyes.

Now we will talk about single men who have also been affected by this virus and we do not know what the post covid conquest will be like. It is a total paradigm that being so connected with many people by different means: social networks, telephone, mail, we do not know how to act in spaces like disco, restaurants, theaters or bars. For now nothing gives us the security of that we will not be contagious in the middle of the league and until they get up the restrictions or a total state of health is guaranteed by means of vaccine that generates immunity, it will be difficult for everything to go back to the way it was before. Something that many of my single clients are clear about, so for now we must adapt to a mode of conquest with distancing taking into account Take into account the established precautions or through apps.
I’ll tell you a little later for sure more of all these stories that in the middle of different treatments I go knowing and that today I wanted to summarize in this blog for you.

A hug!

Owner CL Male Aesthetics.

Claudia Loboa.