un médico estético sobre la nueva era del cuidado del caballero

Settings for Men: An Aesthetic Doctor on the New Era of Gentleman’s Care

In our world dominated by sight, rightly or wrongly, men may feel increasing pressure to “age well.” Sadly, it will take more than a supermarket-bought face lift to reverse years of sun damage and poor lifestyle choices, but still, frozen foreheads and pinched cheeks don’t look good on anyone.

This may be why more men are turning to ‘tweaks’ to stop the visible aging process:

The ‘power profile’

“As we age, our facial bones continue to change and decrease in volume, and this can result in a less defined jaw as previously sharp angles soften.

Essentially, the result of this aging process is the loss of the so-called ‘superhero jawline’. I replace the volume lost in this area, along the chin, to its former glory, using the latest injectable products to give a more masculine and defined profile. Expect results to last 12-18 months. “

Revitalized eyes

“Is there anything more disheartening than going to work after a good night’s sleep, only to hear ‘you look tired’?

Aging hits around the eyes first due to the delicate skin in this area, but using muscle inhibitors like Botox to reduce the creation of fine lines and wrinkles is often not enough.

The eyes actually “ hollow out ” thanks to those inevitable changes in the facial bone structure and this, combined with the loss of fat pads, causes shadows and hollows, which can leave you looking permanently exhausted.

Using a specific dermal filler for the delicate eye area, I carefully and painlessly replenish lost volume, reducing emptying and reducing the appearance of dark shadows. Combine this with a dash of soothing wrinkle injections to smooth crow’s feet, and suddenly you look refreshed and years younger. Results can last up to two years. ”

The ‘runny nose surgery’

“How does the nose contribute to the aging process, I hear you ask? Gravity takes no prisoners, and as we age, soft tissue, skin, and cartilage change, and this can result in a nose that lengthens and strains. sinks in, pulling down on the However, there is a non-surgical solution known as “runny nose job.” A well-placed dermal filler injection can straighten any lumps and bumps, giving the illusion of a smaller, straighter nose.

A bit of him Anti- wrinkle treatment injected into the tip can also lift a droopy nose. I recommend that you only go to an experienced injector who is an expert in treating the nose and who can balance your profile to make it look natural. Results last six to 12 months. ”

Lip service

“Know that lip enhancement is not just for women. It is an art to replace the lost volume that comes with age, regardless of gender, and I often inject a small amount of filler into the lips of male patients to rehydrate and replace this volume. Without changing the shape or size of the lips.

The results speak for themselves; a reduction of fine lines in the mouth and a more balanced, but masculine appearance, with no duckbill in sight. Results last three to six months with -Recommended. ”

Settings for Men