Services of all kinds

Services of all kinds

Services of all kinds

It basically consists of the use of a vest that emits small electrical impulses, which generates a muscular contraction, obtaining an effect similar to that of a strong exercise session. A great advantage of this service is that you can save time, since long sessions are not needed to see results.

In addition, you will improve your figure considerably, in the same way you can lose weight, not only losing weight in a general way, you can also attack localized fat. Prevents and reduces cellulite on the skin, and fights fluid retention.

On the other hand, tone your body, the best of all is that those in CL Aesthetics Masculina are true professionals, so you should not worry at all, since you will be in good hands.

Body treatments

Body treatments such as lymphatic drainage, body radiofrequency, body slimming, body peeling can be found in this aesthetic center. Hair removal is one of the most demanded services and CL Estética Masculina offers different types of hair removal.

From the most traditional such as laser hair removal, to the newest methods such as laser hair removal, which can be permanent. In any case, you can consult the plan or the options that suit you best, according to your skin type with a company advisor.

Manicure and pedicure for men is different from what women do. Basically the masculine one is about hygiene (cutting nails, eliminating cuticles and hardness on the skin), ending with a relaxing massage.

CL Estética Masculina also offers massages of different types, adapting to the needs and demands of clients. Among them are cervical massage, relaxing, with volcanic stones, with pindas, with oils and natural essences, among others.

Finally, there are the facial treatments, with which you can take care of your face, giving it a better appearance, thanks to the different treatments that this male aesthetic center has for you.

Without a doubt, CL Estética Masculina is your best option when it comes to wanting to take care of your image, since it puts at your disposal a wide range of services for personal care, in addition to having the best professionals in the area, therefore the risks they are completely null.