1. I REQUEST AND AUTHORIZE CL ESTETICA MASCULINA BARCELONA that, assisted by: The qualified personnel that is required, perform the skin treatment using the ND YAG Q-Switched laser.

2. I CONFIRMthat the nature and the effect of the treatment to be carried ou

ND YAG Q-Switched laser skin treatment is a technological application using a light beam laser with photoacoustic effect.

The PEELING CARBON application method is carried out on a layer of a charcoal compound spread on the skin. This compound absorbs the energy emitted by the laser, fragmenting the carbon itself. The energy released by this effect produces, by contact, a deep peeling of the stratum corneum. Due, superficial dead cells being eliminated, the stratum corneum of the skin is smoothed, and expression lines are reduced, scars and marks. Giving the skin more luminosity and contracting the enlarged pores.

The direct application method on the skin causes a stimulating photoacoustic effect, activating the cellular microcirculation, and inducing the genesis of collagen and elastin fibres. This favours exchanges metabolic and improves the elasticity of the dermal tissue, as well as the general condition of the skin.

The Center’s commitment is to achieve the established objectives within the technological and physiological limits existing.

The number of sessions and their periodicity are variable, depending on the physiological conditions of the client and the evolution of the treatment.

After each session, during the five days after it, it is advisable to protect the skin treated with a product that contains sun protection.

Once the treatment is finished, the duration in time of its effect will depend on the client’s habits.

For this, it is recommended to practice healthy lifestyle habits. Exposure to the sun and UVA rays should be avoided five days before and up to five days after the session, to prevent such exposure from being a possible cause of burns and/or skin blemishes.

At the beginning of the treatment, the client must inform the operator about his / her state of health, treatments that are has taken or is being carried out, allergies, and medications that you have recently taken or are taking, for which could affect the treatment of aesthetic hyperpigmentation removal using light energy. Likewise, the client must immediately inform the operator of any modification in its status of health, beginning of some treatment, or in the case of beginning to take some medicine.

Q-Switched laser skin treatment is contraindicated during the gestation period. In case of pregnancy, the treatment will have to be suspended, and can be resumed once the lactation period is over, or when the doctor recommends it.

In most cases, no undesirable side effects are observed. In exceptional cases, when applying the light energy, one of the following effects can be seen: heat on the skin, burning sensation, mild bleeding, erythema (redness), erosion, scabbing, scarring and/or temporary episodes of hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation in the applied area. Very rarely a superficial minor burn may occur, which adequately treated with the products recommended by the operator, will send. These transient alterations are considered expected responses from treatment. In the case of appreciating any of these effects, I will put it Immediate knowledge of the Center so that they can give me the appropriate indications.

At the end of each session, I will sign the follow-up sheet.

I have not omitted any health data that could contraindicate the treatment.

To control the evolution of the results, photographs of the results will be attached to the client’s file (areas treated at the beginning and the end of treatment).

All the questions that I have freely formulated have been satisfactorily answered, therefore, I assume the responsibility for possible consequences of the result of the treatment, and in conscience, I sign this consent.