Popular cosmetic treatments for men

Popular cosmetic treatments for men

Appearance is also important for men

Apparently men who really care about their appearance and aesthetic maintenance are the minority, industry trends project the opposite, they are more inclined to women and that they are the ones who take care of their appearance the most. Today, more than half of all male consumers around the world consider their appearance to be important or very important and with this change comes a growing interest in aesthetic treatments for men. Yet a third of men report that it is “extremely likely” that they will consider having a cosmetic procedure.

The best aesthetic treatments for most popular men

Brotox and injectables

Neurotoxin injections are a popular choice among men and women, and a common starting point for those interested in cosmetic treatment touch-ups, specifically among men. Generally speaking, injectable treatments contain chemicals, administered through the use of a needle, that help maintain muscle mass, smooth wrinkles, and restore lost volume, making them look fresher, resulting in a more appealing appearance. firmer, smoother and more youthful. Typically men tend to have greater muscle mass compared to women, as well as other differences in the way the skin is structured, the results and responses to injectables may not appear as dramatic in male patients as in female patients. women.

Hair removal

While some men seek to add film, others seek solutions to eliminate it. Unlike waxing treatments for women, which typically aim for a smooth, hair-free result, waxing treatments for men can be tailored for fine hair or to achieve a completely smooth look based on your personal preferences. Some of the main hair removal treatment areas for men are the back, chest, legs, groin, armpits, neck, or around the eyebrows. Depending on your aesthetic goals, there are two main hair removal options that your treatment provider may recommend: intense pulsed light or diode laser hair removal treatments. (IPL)

IPL hair removal treatments use a spectrum of pulsed light to deliver energy far below the skin’s surface, targeting the melanin in the hair follicles where the energy from the light is transferred to thermal energy. This destroys the structure of the follicle and prevents future hair growth. Because IPL uses broad spectrum light that targets melanin, these treatments are ideal for those with light to medium skin tone (darker skin has more melanin and therefore is at higher risk) and hair. darker or thicker, including hair on the chest, neck, and even below the belt.