Non-surgical cosmetic options for a better appearance

Non-surgical cosmetic options for a better appearance

Who doesn’t want to erase the permanent frown and wrinkles from the forehead and face, which contribute to an aged and worn appearance?

These non-surgical cosmetic enhancements are wonderful for most people over the age of 30 who want to achieve a better appearance. One non-surgical treatment, which has been gaining much popularity among the men in our practice, is the laser therapy.  It seems that laser treatments are the most rewarding for men today, to tighten the skin in various areas of the body and particularly on the neck.

Quick and unique treatments with little to no downtime

Rejuvenation  and deep rejuvenation procedures are very popular for treating diffuse areas of sun damage or post-aging scars. acne These laser therapies can be specifically tailored to the desired depth of rejuvenation, to suit your specific skin condition, skin type, available recovery time, and desired degree of improvement.


It is specially designed for the busy man on the go. In just a minute, your skin gets powerful  Antioxidants calculated to nourish and revitalize a man’s thicker skin.  Treatment includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a relaxing shoulder and neck massage to de-stress.


Male body sculpting focuses on extracting male elements from your form. Maximizes the toned appearance of your underlying muscular physique. Especially as your metabolism starts to slow with age, even if you’ve always been fit and athletic and following a nutritious and healthy diet, you may need this little help to get your old abs back.

For men, the “hot spots” of unwanted stubborn fat deposits often occur on the abdomen and flanks. The term flanks, also known as “love handles” refers to the lateral area from the last rib to the hip bone, which extends to the middle of the back.

Skillful liposculpture provides the opportunity to enhance the contours of every male physique, from the gym enthusiast to the workaholic executive. Adventure sports of a lifetime and fit, knows how to achieve the proper balance to suit men’s cosmetic goals

If you are looking to improve the overall quality of your appearance, including your skin … look no further. Here we understand men’s low maintenance philosophy and the subtle but satisfying cosmetic enhancements you really want.