Male skin care

Have you washed your face only with the soap you use for your hands?

Have you never used, much less bought, a moisturizer? Thanks to the sheer volume of product options, skincare can be overwhelming at best and confusing at worst. Maybe that’s why many men don’t have a skincare routine to talk about, they don’t want to put in the effort to figure it out. Or maybe they just don’t care.

Good skin care is one of the most powerful tools we have against most of the common problems men face on their faces: acne, wrinkles, and even sun damage. And in both the short and long term, it could make a difference. Building a skincare routine from scratch takes just a few simple steps, and you’ll be amazed at the huge difference you’ll see after just a few weeks of following them.

Step 1: Facial cleanser

When we think of clean skin, we are conditioned to expect a sensation of dryness and impeccable cleanliness. That may feel good on your body, but that very feeling on your face is really bad. It means that the protective barrier of your skin is broken and that you have removed the good oils that keep it hydrated. Instead, use a specific facial cleanser that contains moisturizing ingredients, but still has a dose of salicylic acid, to gently control oil. Use it twice a day (morning and night).

Step 2: Moisturizer

Apply a moisturizing cream, this will prevent your skin from feeling dry and, at most, will help it to maintain the moisture that will keep it.

Step 3: SPF

You must use sunscreen every day. The sun’s ultraviolet rays, which we all encounter every day unless we live indoors without going out, not only cause skin cancer, but are also the most important factor in skin aging. Daily sunscreen is the most effective anti aging product we have. But most men don’t use it for the same reason as moisturizer.

Step 4: eye cream

Eye cream can keep your appearance fresh. The skin of the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, so it needs more concentrated ingredients and it tends to lose moisture quickly and easily. Start using an eye cream in the morning and evening after cleansing, even if you don’t do anything else.

Step 5: Serum

Serums are more powerful than your daily moisturizer and are intended to deliver active ingredients and nutrients more quickly and effectively. The good news is that no matter your skin, there is a serum for that. The bad news is that it can be difficult to know what you need. If you’re new to the serum game, look for one that addresses a variety of issues – they’ll typically contain hydrating and skin-strengthening ingredients that all skin can benefit from . Use twice a day, after your cleanser and before your moisturizer.

Step 6: Chemical scrub

Regular exfoliation is important because it removes dead skin cells that adhere to the surface of our face, where they can clog pores, prevent products like moisturizers from working better, and make your skin appear dull. But before everyone comes to tell me that exfoliation should be in the beginner section, listen to this: men exfoliate every time they shave.

Male skin care