The most effective solution in these times, male laser hair removal, is the trend that generates the most benefits. Laser hair removal treatment is totally safe and effective, with incredible results on your appearance. If you need to carry out body laser hair removal, you are in the right place, with flexible options for you. Compared to other hair removal methods, it makes a notable difference, for this reason you should not overlook the options we offer.


You will feel the way you deserve with the action and support of our experts. For each treatment we appoint a specialist to guarantee the best experience and satisfactory results.

What you need

We have the best equipment, that's why we provide you with extensive attention. You can trust all the hair removal alternatives, this way you will have a hair-free body in the areas of your preferences, with a highly professional and private treatment.


A team of professionals with whom you can be in the best hands. Take into account the available prices and choose the one that is right for you.


20 €
PACK 3 SESSIONS €51: Ears, Cheekbones, Sideburns, Between the eyebrows, Fingers, Lower beard.


35 €
PACK 3 SESSIONS €95: Armpits, Feet, Hands, Neck, and Perianal, English, Pubic Intimate Areas.


45 €
PACK 3 SESSIONS €120: Chest, Abdomen, ½ Legs, Lumbars, Glutes, ½ Arms, Shoulders, English/Perineal.


75 €
PACK 3 SESSIONS €195: Whole legs, Full back, Full arms + Fingers, Full genital area, Chest + Abdomen.



Laser Information

What does the Laser machine consist of?

Hair contains melanin, which gives it color. The laser emits pure light that is absorbed by melanin and is transformed into heat. This energy is transmitted to the hair follicle, reaching up to 70 degrees. Our team has a handle of up to minus -10 degrees, preventing this heat from damaging the skin. .

What are the benefits of Laser hair removal?

Permanent hair removal is achieved in a short time and the quality of the skin improves.

It also helps eliminate ingrown hair and improves problems such as folliculitis, boils, hyperthyrcosis and hidradenitis.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal requires several sessions because it can only treat hair that is in the active phase (anagen), that is, when the cells responsible for growth are attached to the hair. There may be hormonal factors that cause new hair to appear where it did not exist before.

How many sessions are necessary?

The duration of the treatment is marked depending on the type of hair, area to be treated and the specific needs of each patient. Taking into account that only between 20% and 30% of hair is treatable in each session, we will need a minimum of 8-10 sessions to treat it.

What happens after the treatment?

After the session, slight skin redness, erythema or perifoclicular edema may be observed in the treated area, the maximum duration of which is 72 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to apply a soothing cream with sun protection. After the treatment, avoid exposing the area directly to the sun or do so with sun protection.

After several days have passed, the treated hair will grow back and will gradually fall off.





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