Male intimate waxing Barcelona

Male intimate waxing Barcelona

Male intimate hair removal Barcelona are centers that have years of experience in shaving, it is a serious service in which gloves are used to maximize hygiene in these areas.

In the same way they use talcum powder to avoid lifting of the skin and chafing, at the end they usually use any aesthetic product that contains aloe vera to calm the area after waxing. For these reasons, shaving the genitals of men is a habit that is little more than 100 years old.


History of male intimate waxing Barcelona

Male intimate waxing Barcelona already existed in ancient times and was also performed by women and men indistinctly. But in these cases a question of social status was supposed, for that reason only aristocratic, priestly, economic or governmental elites do it.

In Europe during the Middle Ages these customs had been put aside in the areas of the genitals, but they were never abandoned in the countries of Islamic culture. But on the other hand, in America, shaving of the intimate area was also very common, in this way it can be said that waxing always existed.

In 1940, male intimate waxing became popular in Barcelona when razors began to spread, and since then, it has been a very popular option. That is why shaving in recent years is not a rarity for men.

What is male intimate waxing Barcelona?

First of all, it is used to eliminate the hair that is found in the pubic, buttock and perianal area in men, obviously there are several procedures that will facilitate your concern regarding its growth.

The intimate male hair removal Barcelona uses a laser one that is suitable for these areas, because permanent results are achieved, at the same time that it eliminates the problems of folliculitis.

The most used lasers are the soprano, the diode and the IPL, they also assure you that you will feel super comfortable because they do everything possible to ensure your tranquility and privacy. They also wax two areas, the pubic and the perianal, here we will explain what each of them is about:

Pubic area

The intimate male waxing Barcelona shaves the pubic area in men and is relatively easy to do, but first you must have a previous shaving job, after that the appropriate technique is applied.

The difference when shaving other areas is that you should leave more time between each session, but the end result will be the same, because they are specialists in sensitive skin, so they guarantee the smooth running of the treatment.

Perianal area

Intimate male perianal laser hair removal Barcelona is the most sensitive area of the body unlike the others, it is the object of much more care to avoid all kinds of complications. These types of processes also include shaving the buttocks and thus achieve an optimal result.

What are the advantages of male intimate hair removal Barcelona?

There are several advantages or benefits that you as a man are going to obtain when waxing intimate areas and you should consider it. In this particular case we are going to highlight the four most important and outstanding ones which are:

  1. The first advantage of male intimate hair removal Barcelona is that it improves sexual relations, because many individuals are bothered by excess hair and it is also unhygienic. So if you want to improve your sex life considerably this can help you a lot.
  2. The second benefit is based on the comfort that men who wear tight clothes experience, whether for professional or aesthetic reasons, because excess hair in the genital area is uncomfortable.
  3. The third advantage of male intimate waxing Barcelona is that it helps with self-esteem, that is, you will feel good about your body. Many are the men who are self-conscious with excess hair and this method makes things easier for them.
  4. And finally it makes you no longer have to worry about this issue, in short, you will save money and time on creams, razors and razors, the truth is that wherever you look you will win.

Remember that this type of procedure should only be performed by specialized professionals in laser hair removal centers.