Male facial aesthetic treatments

Compared to women , Men do not seek our dermatological services so much; without However, they represent a growing segment of the dermatology population cosmetic.

Men spend more time and money in its appearance than ever; factors influencing this pattern may include meeting others who have performed similar procedures, transparency of procedures through social networks and the competitive labor market.

Men want procedures with minimal downtime. Our most sought after treatments for men who have little to no downtime, in addition to providing realistic recommendations for those men who want to get a head start additional.

The double chin is a major concern for male patients.

Even fit men can have a bag of fat genetics under the chin that gives them the appearance of being heavier than what they are. There are some treatments to reduce fat, after the treatments are removed they cause retraction of the skin, that is to say, it does not hang more.

Another commonly seen problem for the base of male patients is facial redness

Topical treatments may not be enough: Laser treatments are available and highly effective. There are several different lasers to address this problem and we can find the best one for the skin type of each patient.

These treatments can be performed on the entire face or more specifically on the most problem areas. Each treatment can last from ten to thirty minutes with little to no downtime. A recommended series of three to five treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart, to get better results.

So whether you have a double chin, wrinkles, are losing your jaw line , look tired, or have facial flushing, there are many non-invasive treatments that can be safely performed and provided in our comprehensive medical dermatology practice and esthetic.