Estética para hombres

Male aesthetics

Male aesthetics day by day the demand for techniques that men request to improve their appearance is increasing, starting with abdominal fat and ending with eliminating subtle wrinkles that make them look tired and angry.

It is not surprising, since the changing and accelerated world in which we live, leads us to be more attentive to our health, and appearance, mainly by adding to the man’s self-love, as if to feel more attractive towards possible partners, or to current partner.

What they need from male aesthetics

It is increasingly common to see spaces dedicated 100% for the male public, where they can receive the attention they require and feel safe and calm. Because it has happened, that frequenting places where the main public is female, they have been branded as gay, when they are only men interested in their presence.

The good thing is that, as it is more and more common, it is easier for everyone to understand the new dynamics that have been taking place in terms of personal care for men. However, just as there are men who are 100% concerned about their well-being, there is still another side of the population that only cares the least or not at all.

For them, what they most need from male aesthetics is to find the advice of professionals who will guide them on what cut to use, the clothes that suit them best, general waxing, facial and body treatments.

Other demands that are increasing is the use of dyes and creams, many worry about being presentable and well polished, and that requires retouching the gray from time to time; as well as having the discipline to apply creams to protect the face. Just like women do.

Statistically, there has always been a concern for male aesthetics , previously the proportion is 80% who did not do it vs 20% who did, currently it is more than 80% who cares about their appearance.

Different trends in male aesthetics

The common man, who only dedicated himself to working, eating, sleeping, procreating, continuing to work, watching sports and dying; ceased to exist, or there are few who follow that pattern. Today, with the sexual revolution, new job trends and a focus on caring more about health; has developed different trends in male aesthetics .

In case you don’t know them, here is a list of the trends that have been appearing over the years:

  • Espornsexuales, is the new trend of the man who dedicates himself to investing hours in the gym to maintain a super hero body and a well-groomed and polished appearance. The name is the mixture of the word sport and porn. The artists that stand out in this category are Cristiano Ronaldo and Nick Youngquest (image of Invictus perfume).
  • Lumbersexuals: the typical alpha male, looking like a lumberjack, unconcerned about aesthetics. The counterpart of the metrosexual.
  • Metrosexuals, a trend born during the 90s, due to the proliferation of men who showed marked tendencies to care about their personal image, using cosmetics to take care of their body. David Beckham, is the main icon of this trend.
  • Muppies, is the mixture of millennials and yuppies, to refer to men between the ages of 25 and 35, lovers of technology, FreeLancer, concerned about the environment, health and nature.
  • Fofisanos, a term created by Mackenzie Pearson through social networks, due to the trend of men wearing tummies in the company of type 10 women.
  • Hipster, lovers of vintage and super technology, although their appearance can be taken for “careless”, the reality is that it is only old-fashioned, they are usually perfectly groomed.
  • Aesthetics for men

The truth is that, from the most recognized public figures, such as presidents, actors and athletes; Even the common worker, in all areas there are gentlemen who take care of themselves and those who do not. And this trend will definitely continue to increase.

This shows us that the male aesthetic is positioning itself with the respect that all those who enjoy doing exercise routines that keep them in shape and pamper them when they are tired deserve. This side of the industry is giving the respect that everyone deserves and the attention they require.