Male aesthetic services

Male aesthetic services

Male aesthetic services are offered with the intention of meeting the needs that the male population is currently demanding. It is pleasant to see how more and more, new masculine tendencies are tolerated and understood, without making judgments or confusing their sexual tendencies.

With these services, many gentlemen have relearned the importance of loving themselves and taking care of themselves without depending on a third party to do so. As new personal care technologies and techniques are implemented, we know they are going to have a long-term clientele.


Specialized male aesthetic services

The male aesthetic services seek to advise the client, to fully meet all their needs and leave them completely satisfied. The male requirement, seeks the best, even more than the female clientele.

Currently, it is common to find specialized centers for men, where they can enjoy everything they need, among the treatments that gentlemen demand are:

  1. Hydration and peeling: applied to remove dead cells and intensely hydrates the entire skin. It is ideal to apply, after long exposures to the sun; either for summer vacations or for constant sports activities.

Through an energetic massage, it is possible to stimulate the skin, with a softer one a moisturizing lotion is applied, generating a total relaxation effect.

  1. Facial treatments: for each facial treatment a previous diagnosis is made, in this way the specialist can apply the appropriate products. In addition, depending on each type of skin a different treatment is applied, for example, dry skin is applied treatments that provide moisture.

The hydra O2 vitamin is used to efficiently increase cellular respiration, reducing the depth of wrinkles.

  1. Body waxing: new hair removal techniques are currently being achieved by using more flexible waxes, providing a comfortable and long-lasting hair removal. The low melting chocolate wax, perfect for strong hair, because it helps to dilate the pores so that they come out more easily.

The warm wax, ideal for men with fine hair or sensitive skin

  1. Anti-hair loss action treatments: the 3D hair loss treatment contains powerful active ingredients that help strengthen the microcirculation of the hair follicle, strengthening capillary resistance and increasing the thickness of the hair.
  2. Anti-Aging Treatments: these are non-invasive treatments, in which the male is guided to adopt habits that minimize the production of free radicals, and a specialized program of nutrition and antioxidants; that will help improve the appearance both at the cellular and molecular level.

In the short term there is an increase in energy, in the medium term there is a slowdown in the aging process and an improvement in the quality of life.

  1. Massages: one of the favorite forms of relaxation, they are perfect for those days when you are very stressed, and you just want to forget about everything

Promotions in male aesthetic services

Either because you need to optimize your funds, or because you enjoy the promotions, here are some that may interest you. In the city of Madrid, you can get just what you need:

With Omestetica Masculina, you can enjoy a 50% discount on second zone bonuses or unlimited English or underarm waxing sessions.

With Hom Estetic, enjoy a pack in pairs or a free consultation.

They are excellent examples of what you can get if you look for promotions in male aesthetic services .

New male aesthetic services

In the city of Madrid, you can find male aesthetic services at home, from URVAN, a technology-based startup that seeks to meet the demand for mobile, safe and simple services.

Urvan was born as a service aimed at men, high executives, highly busy, and who do not have time to dedicate it to themselves. Urvan, helps you meet your barbershop, hairdressing, express facial treatments needs.

In addition to serving the gentlemen, they expanded to cater for female requests and needs.

Male aesthetic services will continue to emerge with better and new techniques that allow meeting the needs of the most demanding men, because we understand that their rhythm of life seeks a balance between feeling good and being successful.