Male aesthetic medicine

Many years ago, the world of aesthetics had its exclusivity with women, today male aesthetic medicine is increasingly common. Whether for health, work or because you simply want to be more comfortable with your appearance; there are many gentlemen who resort to beautification techniques.

For some, it is completely normal, for others it is still taboo, but the reality is that this area is now two. For you, gentleman of fine tastes, we develop an article loaded with information for your benefit.

Male aesthetic medicine techniques

For the man there is no specific technique or that can be classified within some type of patient. What is identifiable is that you are looking for alternatives that are appropriate to your age and your needs, as in our male beauty center Barcelona .

Every time, it is more common to find that young people who, from the age of 20, seek to take care of their personal image. In another stage, between the ages of 25 and 30, male clients request from waxing areas such as the back or abdomen, to oxygenating treatments in the cabin and to counteract acne.

The next stage, from the age of 35, not only age and needs are key, but also the economic level plays a role, because to the extent that it has greater possibilities, the techniques that are requested are more advanced; for example, anti-aging treatments with restorative and preventive purposes.

After the age of 40, the main requests are focused on facial treatments, which continue to bring freshness and youth to the face.

As we can see, just as many women prefer non-invasive techniques, men do too; they just want to achieve a natural effect, where their skin is nuanced, softened and improves its appearance.

Here are several male aesthetic medicine techniques:

  1. Mesotherapy with vitamins and peelings: consists of applying a treatment with vitamin cocktails. Ideal for men who carry out outdoor activities, which, due to constant exposure to the sun, produce photo skin aging on their face.

With this technique, hydration and luminosity are given to the skin, nourishing it to improve its appearance.

  1. Nutrition and body remodeling: in men those “love handles” also appear due to localized fat, which we can help to burn with healthy nutrition and an exercise routine.

In addition, there are techniques such as radiofrequency and mesotherapy, which help eliminate fat and give the skin a healthy appearance.

  1. Fillers with hyaluronic acid: used to regain elasticity and firmness of the face. The filler is applied to the lower third of the face, respecting the male angles of the patient. It seeks to achieve a balance between the lost freshness and the character of man.
  2. Tensioning threads: used to combat sagging of the face, with immediate effect, painless and non-invasive; Through the insertion of absorbable threads in the dermis, a skin tightening is performed.
  3. Revitalizing peel, PRX-T33: this revitalizing peel is applied without causing the peeling effect or frost effect; to stimulate fibroblast growth factors, which are responsible for activating skin bio-stimulation without the need for injections or needles. Indicated to restore skin tone.

It should also be noted that, as well as the techniques are appropriate for the age, physical needs and purchasing power of the client; the season also plays a role. For example, the common thing is that we all want to look fabulous for summer, so it can increase requests that collaborate with body shaping.

All these treatments are carried out for the well-being of the male client, because at present, it is just as demanding as for women, that they maintain an optimal physical state; both due to work demands and self-motivation.

Each treatment can vary the time it takes to reach the desired optimal results, they can range from the first day to weekly applications for 3 months. It is important that you keep it in mind, so you will not get into anxiety when you do not see the results yet.

Finally, before deciding on one technique or another, seek the advice of an expert, who will tell you everything you can or should do depending on your particular situation. Remember, we are not all the same and require different care.