Male aesthetic center Barcelona

Male aesthetic center Barcelona

The time that men dedicate to caring for their beauty, nowadays, is getting closer to that of women, that is why there are male aesthetic centers in Barcelona , because they are aware of the importance that men currently give to their care aesthetic.

For these reasons and many more, they put at your disposal within the areas of surgery and aesthetic medicine, all kinds of personalized aesthetic treatments only for the male sex together with body peeling .


More and more men turn to the male aesthetic center Barcelona

Uncertainty about aesthetics is not only for women, nowadays there are more and more men who are concerned about their physical appearance. A few years ago, men attended the male aesthetic center Barcelona shyly because they wanted to reduce their abdomen and improve the appearance of their face.

But now male aesthetics has been redefined, because it is no longer frowned upon for men to take care of themselves, in this way the aesthetic concept of elegance and naturalness advances, in a few words, aesthetics in general but even more so for men, it happens to be yourself but looking even better.

Fight the aging of your face and reshape your body with the male aesthetic center Barcelona

As men are taking more and more care of themselves, the male aesthetic center Barcelona is the order of any day because we provide specific procedures for them.

Patients have to be only men who seek quick and above all durable solutions that are specialized in their needs, where they can effectively obtain the following:

  • Slimming
  • Localized fat reduction
  • Laser depilation
  • Facial rejuvenation
  • Massages
  • Peeling
  • Among others

The male aesthetic center Barcelona has professionals with great skill and experience, who fully know the needs of the male patient. They pay attention to every detail of the face in terms of: its bone structure, skin texture and muscle elasticity.

They also take into account the patterns and proportions of aging to maximize the appearance as well as the body contour. In conclusion, it helps you feel the way you want, thanks to the correct combination of the techniques they handle, you will achieve 100% natural results.

What are the most frequent consultations in the male aesthetic center Barcelona?

The following that we will expose are the most frequent consultations of men in the male aesthetic center Barcelona :

Expression wrinkles

The muscles that are involved in facial gestures tend to become enlarged and over time they become stronger, thus marking more wrinkles. This occurs mostly with the muscles in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes.

The most indicated treatment by the male aesthetic center Barcelona is the application of botulinum toxin, which relaxes the muscles and after a few days you will acquire a youthful and rested appearance.

Fatty bags of the eyelids

The appropriate treatment for this problem is eyelid surgery that is assisted by a laser. And this technique does not leave any scars, therefore the result will be natural and recovery is fast.

Facial furrows and wrinkles

These problems are produced by the passing of time and the years, also by sun damage and the action of the expression muscles. That is why hyaluronic acid fillers are the quick and effective solution applied by the male aesthetic center Barcelona .

Vascular effusions and rosacea

Men are the ones who most frequently suffer from vascular dilations in the cheekbones, nose and chin. And all these vascular lesions can be fought in a few sessions by applying lasers.

Rejuvenation of the neck area

If the neck presents moderate flaccidity, at the Barcelona Men’s Aesthetic Center it is resolved with a lipo laser, on the other hand, if the excess skin is a lot, a resection is made only of that skin of the neck.

Flank and abdominal fat

Male hormones cause them to deposit fat on the flanks, although it is an aspect of masculinity, men are not happy to have that fat. But they can be approached by two procedures which do not leave any type of scar.