1. I REQUEST AND AUTHORIZE CL ESTETICA MASCULINA BARCELONA assisted by the required qualified personnel, I perform the hair removal treatment by light energy in the following areas:

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2. I CONFIRM that the nature and effect of the treatment to be carried out has been explained to me in detail, in words that I understand, the nature and effect of:

  • The hair bulb goes through different phases: anagen, catagen and telogen, the difference being fundamental among them is the distance between this hair bulb and the germinative papillae. Hair removal using light energy is a progressive technological application that acts with more effectiveness on hair bulbs in the anagen phase of growth. Find all bulbs in this phase in the same treatment session is unlikely, so several sessions on the area are to be waxed to treat all hair more effectively.
  • The action of light energy is selective on the melanin of the hair. Thick dark hair accumulates a high density of melanin, so the effect is greater than in the case of hair light-fine, which has a lower density. Whereby, in the latter case, the number of sessions could be longer. It has little or no action on melanic hairs (grey).
  • The Center’s commitment is to achieve the maximum hair reduction in the treated area, within the existing technological and physiological limits. In general, this reduction should be between 70% and 80%, as long as it is performed in people without hormonal, hereditary, metabolic, or otherwise, that can stimulate abnormal hair growth. Especially susceptible to these conditions are areas such as the face, areola, lineal alba, shoulders, chest, abdomen or back. Although good results are usually achieved, these cases They are unpredictable, the decision being the exclusive treatment of the client.
  • The total number of sessions is variable, with an average of 5 to 10, there being cases in which with less will get the desired results, and others, where more will be needed..
  • The periodicity of the sessions will be between one and two months. In some exceptional cases (valued by the operator), this periodicity may be increased or decreased. Compliance with the periodicity is essential to obtain the desired results.
  • Once the treatment is finished, the duration of the hair removal effect using light energy, according to the existing studies so far, it is prolonged and variable and depends on each person. It influences the reappearance of hair hereditary, hormonal, metabolic, and other factors nature (menopause, pregnancy, medical treatments, taking drugs, stress, etc.), which could stimulate hair growth. Therefore, depending on each case, it can be it is necessary to carry out a periodic session for the adequate follow-up of the result.
  • To achieve the best possible results, during the three weeks before eachsession, it is advisable not to remove the hair from the roots in the areas to be treated.
  • During the days after the session, the skin of the treated areas should be taken care of following the following recommendations. Apply daily a non-aggressive product with properties moisturizing, regenerating and, in the case of exposed areas, with sun protection. Avoid the use of tight clothing. Do not perform peels or exfoliations on the treated areas.
  • Exposure to the sun and UVA rays should be avoided five days before and five days after performing the session, to prevent the highest concentration of pigment (melanin) from being a possible cause of burns and/or skin blemishes.
  • At the beginning of the treatment, the client must inform the operator about his state of health, treatments that have been or are being performed, allergies, and medications that have recently been taken or are taking, which could affect the hair removal treatment by light energy. Likewise, the client must immediately inform the operator of any modification in your health status, beginning of any treatment, or if you start taking any medication.
  • Hair removal treatment using light energy is contraindicated during the period of gestation. In case of pregnancy, the treatment will have to be suspended and can be resumed after the end of the lactation period, or when the doctor recommends it.
  • In most cases, no undesirable side effects are observed. Can be presented slight redness and, in rare cases, a minor superficial burn, that is properly treated with the products recommended by the operator, will send. Other complications that the treatment can cause very rarely are folliculitis, scab, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, purpura, erosion, scar, photophobia, transient increase in hairiness, and/or hair depigmentation. In the case of appreciating any of these effects, I will put them in immediate knowledge of the Center so that they can give me the appropriate indications.
  • At the end of each session I will sign the follow-up sheet.
  • I have not omitted any health data that could contraindicate the treatment.
  • All the questions that I have freely formulated have been answered satisfactorily, so Therefore, I assume responsibility for possible consequences of the result of the treatment, and in conscience, I sign this consent.