Productos de cosmeticos masculinos

Imagine CL Male Aesthetics in 5 minutes

Several years ago aesthetic treatments or simple personal care were limited to the female public. Few men came to undergo any treatment of this type, but this has changed over time, to the point that today there are exclusive aesthetic centers for men.

This is the case of CL Esthetic Male, a small beauty salon that specializes in the care of modern men, offering a wide range of services such as waxing, therapies, massages, and other types of care, so that men who care about their physical appearance feel comfortable, receiving quality care.

Learn about the services that CL Estética Masculina has for you

For many years, prejudice and criticism made many men limit themselves to attending a salon to receive aesthetic treatments , since, at first, waxing, for example, was oriented towards the female audience.

However, this has changed over the years, and today there are beauty centers or salons that are dedicated to serving primarily the male public, providing a series of exclusive services for them.

CL Estética Masculina is one of them, and is among the best in the city of Barcelona, not only because it has the best equipment to apply its treatments, but also has the necessary and trained staff to satisfy the tastes and the greatest demands of your customers.

What makes this aesthetic center stand out from the rest is the attention to the client, added to it, CL Estética Masculina is a company committed to good taste and is aligned with the requirements of each type of client, they can be classified as an avant-garde aesthetic center, always being at the height of each of them.

In addition to all these reasons, CL Estética Masculina has a wide range of services for the care of the 21st century man, among them are the following:

  • Electro stimulation: it is a revolutionary method in the world of fitness and aesthetics. Basically it involves the application of small electrical impulses through the use of a vest. These electrical impulses create an effect similar to that of a vigorous exercise session.

It has numerous advantages, of which the short time it takes to apply can be highlighted. On the other hand, there are the great benefits at the aesthetic level such as improving the figure, losing weight extremely quickly by attacking localized fat, prevention and elimination of cellulite, tones the body and strengthens it.

If you decide to use this method you will obtain additional benefits such as visits with a nutritionist, training clothes, showers, among others. You must be in a good state of health, so before requesting electrostimulation, consult with the specialists of CL Estética Masculina .

  • Body: among these treatments you can find post-surgical, manual lymphatic drainage, body radiofrequency, body slimming, body peeling.
  • Waxing: this is perhaps one of the services that is most demanded by customers, thanks to the efficiency of its methods and equipment for its application. Among the types of hair removal are: machine or motorcycle hair removal, laser hair removal, and within this are those of small, medium, large areas and packs.
  • Manicure and pedicure: men can also choose to have this type of treatment, very different from women. Basically it is about the hygiene of these parts of the body, nail trimming and cuticle removal are part of it. At the end you can receive a relaxing massage.
  • Facial treatments: among those offered by CL Aesthetics Male are facial radiofrequency with vitamins, anti-aging treatment, with vitamin C, oxygenating agent, facial hygiene, among others.
  • Massages: massages together with waxing are the most demanded by male clients in any beauty salon. Of these there are also a great variety of types, among which are massages with herbal pindas, with volcanic stones, anti-stress, among others.

CL Estética Masculina is a very complete center, where you can obtain quality services, for an excellent, comfortable and accessible price for you. Without a doubt, it is your best option when it comes to wanting to take care of your image.