I already have male care, now what?

I already have male care, now what?

Male grooming is one of the most powerful trends in beauty and health that has started for some time to generate a true revolution in the way we perceive aesthetics and even in the way we interact. This factor has been decisive when it comes to seeing ourselves and the way we are seen from the outside, which is why it has taken on so much weight on a social level.

However, today it is becoming increasingly common that many men have decided to move away from simple body care and start worrying about other factors that go beyond simple appearance. These include mental health, spiritual development, and emotional balance.

I already have male care, now what?

We are not so shallow!

This excess of superficiality that has been perceived in modern society has led many men to question other forms of self-esteem such as the care of inner beauty. So more and more gentlemen are trying to find a balance between the way others perceive them and the way they perceive themselves.

This need is one of the most spectacular audacious ways that men have developed in search of their inner well-being and their relationship with others, which in addition to being an attractive form of personal growth, has been able to break with the established and create new paradigms of what beauty means, surpassing aesthetic and superficial factors.

New experiences of masculine care as self-improvement and personal growth.

New experiences of personal growth are unfolding at levels never before imagined and new men are more and more numerous.

This same trend has also been fully understood by numerous companies that every day offer juicy packages that include everything from extreme adventures in paradisiacal areas, to spiritual healing and contact with nature for the most varied tastes and pockets.

Also, meditation, yoga, mountain trekking and outdoor expressions are other of the most common and least expensive forms of personal growth present today with millions of followers around the world.

Art, that eternal travel companion through this life.

“Art is not only in museums,” shouted a wall through the streets of Barcelona. And indeed, art has gradually gone from being in the great halls of critical experts to being a fundamental tool that many simple and common men are opting for today.

Today, parks are abundant meeting points for musicians, painters and teachers who give free workshops to those who are willing to learn another way of communicating with others, developing new skills and a better quality of life in harmony with their inner self.

It becomes evident that this new social awakening that struggles to get out of the routine and superficiality is setting an incredible growth trend and with the use of social networks, anyone with a slight intention and free time can become a great artist without having stepped on the great academies from where artists once left waiting for a patron.

Personal fulfillment as a new form of masculine grooming.

Due to the above, it is clear that male care today exceeds aesthetic factors and is being enveloped by other forms of self-realization.

These new men who are learning self-love not just as an egomaniacal vision of themselves, but as part of a new way of relating, will also be future parents who will teach their children the best values in harmony with the rest, creating a balance between body and mind, between how the rest perceive us and the necessary self-esteem with ourselves.

These men of the future are gradually breaking with the old cultural paradigms that have been the main pillars of modern society and its standards for measuring success, the quality of the person and their place within what we can call “the right thing to do.” ”.

From new perspectives of the construction of man is where we must build ourselves as integral people capable of building great life projects. Don’t stay down the bus of this new thought!