Cómo clavarla con el tratamiento facial masculino

How to nail it with the men’s facial

Facials in men have become increasingly popular, because perhaps many treatments for men and women are the same but many others are not, since men’s skin tends to be different from women’s skin.

Therefore, being informed about the latest trends in men’s facials can be effective in having the key treatment for men’s skin on the face.

And it is that men also tend to worry about the care of their face, since expression lines can quickly attack gentlemen.

Cómo clavarla con el tratamiento facial masculino .

Best male facial

Getting the right facial for each man is impossible, as there are many varieties and for different skin types, that is why not all the facials that exist are for all men, the treatments are increasingly segmented with each discovery that is made, for Therefore, we are going to recommend certain ways to treat male skin.

Undoubtedly, one of the treatments that must be carried out daily without fail, and is completely homemade, is a skin cleansing with soap and water. Since it allows to remove the impurities from the face that we drag from the whole day and allows to use creams or facials with a better performance and use.

Also, it is necessary to discover what type of skin you have, as the facial you use will depend on this.

Defining your skin will depend on how you expose it to external factors, such as sun exposure, the work environment and also psychological factors will affect the change and definition of the type of skin you have.

There are 4 types of skin:

  • Fat: it is very common, and characterized by having pimples and oily spots on the face, in addition to a constant shine on the forehead, nose and chin and having a dilation of the pores.
  • Normal: there are men who have skin that has a normal function and it has a smooth, firm and homogeneous appearance, and the pores are not dilated.
  • Dry: on the other hand, dry skin does not secrete enough sebum and therefore the result is dryness. One of the symptoms of this skin is cracking and redness of it.
  • Mixed: one of the most common for men, it is a mix of dry skin on the cheeks, and then oily skin in the central part of the face, which includes the forehead, nose and chin.

Once this is defined, it will be determined which facial to use for your face:

  • If you have oily skin, it would be best to use a moisturizing skin that helps reduce excess oil and control shine for a certain time as well as helps large pores.
  • If you have normal skin, which is almost perfect skin, it must be thoroughly cleaned in the morning and at night, it is not necessary to use special products.
  • Dry skin should be treated with great care, so you should look for moisturizers that soothe the sensation of cracking and dryness. Aloe vera is a widely used product for this type of skin.
  • Like the others. Combination skin must be cared for very carefully, that is why creams with an exfoliating and hydration treatment should be applied.

No matter what type of skin you have, you should always take care of the skin of the face and bear in mind that male skin is totally different from female, and the treatments change depending on the skin you have.

It is also recommended to attend a dermatologist, since these specialists will hit the nail on the head to recommend the ideal treatment that your man needs.

Men should also take care of their facial skin as much as women, more importance should be taken in this to have a dermatological health up to date, many of them do not take these tips into account and end up reaching their 50 years with an appearance of 60, and although it sounds totally aesthetic, the health of the skin is as important as that of the heart.

After all, the skin is also another organ of the body, and the largest, by the way :).