Como aumentar tu masculinidad

How to increase your masculinity

Masculinity is rigid and durable, regardless of the circumstances, a man needs to know and follow his path to be in touch with his masculine core.

There are ways to discover what is most important, for this you must know what you want and what your purpose is in each circumstance, being sure of yourself will make you look great masculinity, once you get to this point:

Create strategies to achieve goals

Think of practical steps to make this happen. Expand your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses.

Confidence is without a doubt the most desirable characteristic in most men and there is nothing more you can increase it with than your own achievements. Be bold in achieving your goals and do not back down from new challenges, do not limit yourself and develop your courage, learn about your true male “self”.

Aim to have a great presence

Walk with your head up, buy nice clothes, take care of your body and your mind. If you want to become the best version of yourself, don’t forget to take care of yourself and act like a gentleman.


One of the best characteristics of a truly masculine man is his straightforward, even radical, honesty. Be sincere and don’t feel the need to manipulate others to express your thoughts and get what you want.

Have your own ability to keep your word, earn everyone’s respect and be heard .

Be polite and smile

A true gentleman is one whose smile works like a charm on women . Be polite and enjoy a conversation with different people.

Talk about your abilities but also give yourself the opportunity to listen to those of others and above all also pay attention to the interests of other people around you. Have a good sense of humor, acknowledge things, and don’t be afraid to go out. There is no such thing as making a fool of yourself.


One of the only instant changes you can make to be more masculine is to behave better. By that I mean keep your chin up and your chest out. The way you walk and drive shows confidence and security.


Don’t be afraid to imitate someone with good body language until they become part of you. Be polite and respectful.

Use an appropriate tone of voice

Speak slowly, confident and polite, take pauses when speaking and have an appropriate tone, speak as if you are used to being heard. Without a doubt, it is an attraction that makes you look even more masculine.

Protect and respect

Women are delicate and should be treated with respect, protect them and help them feel safe, this will make you a true gentleman and above all increase your masculinity.

Masculinity requires you to sacrifice your youthful demeanor and evolutions to become a true gentleman. You can only be your best “me” if you commit to it. Believe in your ability to change, and you certainly will.

How to increase your masculinity