Has pensado en la revisión de senos masculinos

Have you thought about a man breast checkup?

Men who have excessive development of breast tissue

This is due to a condition called gynecomastia and men can feel self-conscious about their appearance, too embarrassed to even take their shirt off in public. But they do have options: Male breast revision surgery can help create an ideal male breast contour.

The cause of breast growth in men remains unknown, but researchers have linked it to obesity and the use of certain medications in adults. For boys going through puberty, gynecomastia can develop due to hormonal changes, but the condition usually resolves on its own as hormone levels stabilize.

For men who have the condition after puberty, our plastic surgery team can perform a man breast revision at virtually any age. However, breast size must remain stable for at least a year before considering surgery. You should also see your primary care physician to rule out any serious underlying medical conditions.

What to expect before, during and after a male breast revision procedure?

You should start by consulting with the professionals who are experts in this procedure , to determine the best surgical approach to achieve an ideal result. Your surgeon will explain the procedure and its similarities to a mastectomy.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make a small, crescent-shaped incision at the edge of your areola. This careful placement minimizes scarring. Your surgeon will then remove the excess fat with liposuction or a scalpel, depending on your breast type.

Most patients go home the same day as surgery, but must have a drain in each breast for a week afterward. You will experience slight discomfort as the wounds heal for the next two to three weeks. Your surgeon will prescribe medications to help the healing process and reduce your risk of infection.

Risks of male breast examination

All surgeries carry a risk of complications, but male breast revision surgery is usually very safe. Your surgeon and his care team will contact you throughout the healing process and will always be available to answer your concerns.

The most common complications of male breast revision surgery involve infection and scarring. In rare cases, you may experience a loss of sensation in the nipple area, which can be temporary or permanent.

Have you thought about a man breast checkup