Facial Cleaning Barcelona

Facial Cleaning Barcelona

Facial Cleaning Barcelona

When we talk about facial cleansing, Barcelona has the best beauty standards in this field. The treatments that you can find in this wonderful city are incomparable.

When we refer to beauty care we always ask ourselves what would be the ideal methods for these. They are home methods and we can apply them from time to time. But there are those professional knowledge with more that meet our expectations when it comes to a facial.

It is always important to know the methods used by beauty professionals to know if we can avoid allergies with the products used. In this article, in addition to telling you which would be the places you can go with confidence, we will also explain some recommendations.


Facial care

Facial cleansing helps you regain the health and well-being of your face. Our face can be very delicate, since we are exposed to the sun’s rays and it can cause spots on the face if we do not apply good care. In addition to the fact that our skin accumulates impurities throughout the day.

These facial impurities are produced by our own body and as I mentioned it well by the pollution of the environment and the sun’s rays. These micro particles of dirt accumulate or deposit on our skin, and if we do not eliminate them, that is when infections, spots, blackheads, oily skin, among others, are caused.

Thanks to facial cleansing we can avoid premature aging. Although the secret to avoid this, and prevent impurities on the face go hand in hand with a daily skin cleansing, a healthy diet and according to you. When I mention a daily skin cleansing.

It is the daily care that you give to your face. Remember that we are exposed to many bacteria on the street, complementing the use of makeup. By not removing make-up, these chemical fats adhere to our pores and we age quickly, that is why it is the good use of cleaning, with water, soap and a good toner.

Once a month we can make use of an exfoliant, the one you prefer or natural exfoliants, for example, we apply a little coconut oil, mix it with blue and start making circular movements on the face, soft to avoid hurting the skin.

Now, how often should we do deep cleaning, but at home at the same time. This always varies according to the type of face of the person, why do I mention this, our face can be oily, dry or mixed. Depending on each case, these impurities such as blackheads will be exposed.

Considerably clean weekly until your skin finds a balance. From that moment you can extend the frequency of cleaning, remember that it always varies according to the type of skin.

There are women who are lucky and are done easy once a month because their skin does not demand rigorous attention, teenagers think that this type of facial treatment solves juvenile acne, but in reality it could make it worse since the pores are so exposed.

But for this type of strong acne it is always advisable to visit a dermatologist, to make use of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory creams that avoid complications. After a deep facial cleansing , get into the habit of a bedtime routine, applying hydrating creams that suit your skin type.

Facial treatments consist of several steps

As I mentioned we start with:

  1. Cleaning.
  2. Exfoliation.
  3. Sedation of the skin.
  4. Extraction.
  5. Microdermabrasion.
  6. Mask for your skin type.
  7. Face and neck massage.

Following these steps you must carefully remove the makeup from your face because the beautician or yourself will know the state of the skin and the indicated producers. After this, a cleaning is carried out under the steam, this is the part where the skin prepares for the maximum absorption of key ingredients.

For exfoliation, the sensitivity of the face must be evaluated to use the appropriate method, this is to renew the new skin cells and soften its texture, to improve the appearance and hydrate the skin. This part is one of the biggest benefits for the face!

To stimulate circulation, nerve endings and also dead skin cells. The steam engine adjusts the position, intensity, and distance to match your skin’s level of sensitivity, and the best part is that you must feel calm and relaxed to enjoy this treatment.

In the sedation of the skin, the benefit of the facial mask is to make the skin more flexible to facilitate the extractions and during the extractions the comedones are eliminated, in the microdermabrasion it consists of a much deeper exfoliation.

That allows to attenuate certain epidermal abnormalities, restore and stimulate the circulation of the skin for the new growth of a healthier epidermal tissue.

The application of a mask is with active ingredients helping to get the most out of our facial. Then finish with a product that is ideal for your skin applying massages that focus on hydration, apart from being beneficial for the skin.

It is totally relaxing, it is knowing how to enjoy that hour of love and facial beautification , to create cleaning habits at home, when performing these super relaxing massages the greatest concern of the skin is treated, whether it is an oily face, with visible capillaries or wrinkles and fine lines or blemishes.