Every time you do a male facial, a chick dies

Every time you do a male facial, a chick dies

Every time you do a male facial, a chick dies

Men of the 21st century worry and take care of their personal appearance much more frequently, as well as check the latest trends in terms of male facial treatment is concerned, and is that today there are multiple options for the male face to look fresh, healthy and fresh.

Going through buying a line of products specialized in male facial care that offer a step by step to cleanse your face, to creams and scrubs that you can do with natural products that you surely have at home, there are several options to follow to take care of your skin.

Male facial treatment: as common as brushing your teeth

They say that in the early prevention of expression lines and the signs of aging is the key and this applies to both men and women, which is why today both dermatological centers.

The most relevant facial care chains worldwide have been including specialized treatments and products for men.

Certainly everyone chooses which option to opt for when applying a facial treatment or if, on the contrary, you decide to carry out the three options mentioned above. Whatever your case, you should make sure to take a facial cleansing treatment that best corresponds to your skin type.

Specialized dermatological centers: or science at the service of your face

Attending these types of centers that specialize in the special care of your face is perhaps the best option, since there are health professionals who will help you diagnose first what your skin type is and depending on This you can choose, for example, what type of facial cream to buy.

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In these centers, in addition to performing a deep cleansing and hydration of your face, you can also perform a complete male facial treatment, which does not distinguish much from the female ones.

For example, if you request facial mesotherapy, this technique is responsible for applying injections into the skin in a very superficial way, amino acids and vitamins that help improve the elasticity and appearance of the skin, as well as prevent facial aging. Something that we take great care of in our Barcelona men’s aesthetic center .

In addition to this and if you are of an age when the inevitable passage of time begins to be noticed, you should know that hyaluronic acid is not only to be applied to women, no, men can also enjoy this advance in science, which It is a very effective injectable filler to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

You must bear in mind that this procedure must be done by someone trained to do so.

Face creams or another way to survive time

If you are one of those who prefer to go to a store and buy a men’s facial from a recognized brand, you will know that you must buy all the steps for your facial cleansing to be deep and effective. In that sense, the best thing is to advise you with who is in charge at the time, however in any case here you will mention at least 3 creams that you should buy.

  1. Facial cleansing gel : surely you have heard that washing with shower soap is extremely aggressive for your face, which is true. Therefore, it is better to wash your face every night with this type of product.
  2. Moisturizing Cream : after having washed your face, it is best to apply a cream that gives your face softness and above all hydrates it. In this step depending on your age, it is best to replace the moisturizer with an anti-aging cream.
  3. Eye contour cream: this cream will help decongest bags, reduce dark circles, soften and hydrate the contour of your eyes.

Facial and natural masks from the comfort of your home

This is one of the easiest ways to apply facial treatment from the comfort of your home, as well as using homemade ingredients. So we have the option of making an oatmeal mask that will help us hydrate, like making an exfoliating mask with sugar.

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In any case, you shouldn’t be surprised every time you see a man asking for facials.