Definition and common back pain we all have

Definition and common back pain we all have



It is localized pain in the lower back, grabbing part of the gluteus and pinching some nerves, throughout life 80% of the population have suffered it at least once in their life to different degrees.


It could be an inflammation of the nerves and muscles that affect the cervical spine, affecting the trapezius, the splenius, limiting mobility.


Being able to come from several anatomical structures alone or in lumbar combination such as disc rings, longitudinal ligaments.

Low back pain is a general term used to describe pain in the lower or lumbar part of the back, accompanied by stiffness, difficult movement and muscle contracture. Localized pain from the lowest part of the ribs or from L1 to S2 more or less, appearing abruptly and intensely, normally appears when the person is flexed and prevents them from returning to an upright position.

Low back pain is often followed by sciatica, and it can represent the first symptoms of a herniated disc if it is not addressed in time.


When the pain comes out alone or for no reason such as an accident or sudden movements, it comes from a muscle inflammation, then this discomfort can be somewhat chronic, when the damage occurs slowly, it is usually original due to tension or stiffness of the neck muscles , bringing with it headache, fatigue, visual disturbances, dizziness or ringing in the ear,

The cervical spine is the most delicate part of the back and we have it in constant motion, unlike other lessons of the spine, the cervical spine is extremely flexible, this mobility can produce a high load on the musculature and strong wear and tear. vertebrae that can cause very sharp pain. In addition, it can affect certain nerves causing tingling, burning or numbness in the arms.


According to the cause, it can appear in different ways, it can be acute when making sudden movements, also in a subacute way, appearing shortly after exertion or chronic when its evolution is insidious and prolonged, the acute pain usually lasts between 3 to 6 weeks for low back pain and 1 to 3 weeks for cervical pain.



We must be clear that each person is a different case and before recommending any treatment this user should go to their family doctor to see how damaged or deep the lesson is.

Followed by us at home we can follow some simple and natural guidelines.

-Rest, but not permanent since low back pain usually lasts between 3 to 6 weeks, the first two or three days it is recommended to lie down but after these days move

-Natural anti-inflammatories: horsetail, goldenrod, rosemary, ginger, among others,

Any of these herbs in infusion to relieve pain.

-When the body allows it, do a few short stretches, hot and cold treatments, complemented with a sweet massage.


These guidelines will help us to relax the neurovascular understanding due to degenerative changes in the vertebrae producing an inevitable rigidity.

-Hot and cold pull

-Baths with rosemary water or lavender water

-The following silver to overcome vertigo. ginkgo biloba, ginger, passion flower, infused drinks


Therapeutic treatments depend on the patient’s history and the severity of the pain, normally if these discomforts exceed six weeks, surgery could be considered.

-Rest, adjustable sleep to relieve stress.

-Medicine, anti-inflammatory such as paracetamol, ibuprofen or diclofenac

-Exercises for low back pain, with the help of your therapist


For cervicals, the first thing to recommend is less tension, control stress and take care of postural hygiene.

-Muscle relaxant

-Heat, it is a muscle dilator

-Massage and stretching