Studies have shown that more and more men are seeking the benefits of cosmetic treatment.

Men who decide to undergo cosmetic treatment, it is important that you look for a medical-aesthetic practice that offers careful and personalized treatments that can help give a refined touch to your masculine appearance. Meeting the unique treatment goals of our male patients has always been our mission.

Laser treatments

Radiofrequency-based laser procedures allow the practice to provide high-quality skin treatments to male patients without the need for surgery or injections. Each of these treatments can be carefully adjusted to precisely meet the unique goals desired by each individual. These techniques are excellent ways for men to subtly and effectively smooth wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and other signs of aging. Shaving for men can be a time-consuming daily ritual, especially for men.

Injectable treatments

The practice of aesthetic procedures have discovered that a large part of the women who come to these centers to undergo treatments, most are injectable, with the sole objective of completely eliminating their wrinkles,  instead men usually prefer a total correction and look natural. Because we know that men’s treatment goals for these procedures often differ from those of women, all of our injectable cosmetic treatments are carefully tailored to meet the individual goals of each male patient.

Skin care

We pride ourselves on offering our male patients a wide range of skin care treatments and products that can help maintain youthful, hydrated, and healthy-looking skin.

Male facial plastic surgery

Not only are there significant anatomical differences between men and women, but their physiology also differs. Men are at increased risk of bleeding during surgery. In these types of procedures, many safety measures are taken before, during, and after surgery to reduce the possibility of complications.
On the other hand, due to their thicker skin, men often heal much more quickly and completely than women. Male facelift patients tend to have more inconspicuous scars than women. This is a blessing.

Today the most popular facial plastic surgical procedures are those sought by men.