Rompiendo mitos sobre la estética masculina

Breaking myths about male aesthetics

Let’s break the myths that prevent men from receiving cosmetic treatments.

Maybe you like the look of a soft chest or feel embarrassed by the hair on your back. You may want to get rid of the scars left by teenage acne. But despite your concerns about your appearance, she is reluctant to book a date. You are not alone in your considerations, do not let myths and misconceptions about male aesthetic treatments discourage you from obtaining a personalized treatment to look and feel your best.

There are personalized male aesthetic treatments:

These include skin tightening, body contouring, dermal fillers, laser hair removal , and skin rejuvenation treatments. We tailor procedures to address your specific needs and we want you to feel comfortable while in our care.

Myth 1: aesthetic treatments are for women

Women may be more likely to receive cosmetic treatment than men, but according to studies, men also receive cosmetic and cosmetic treatments.

Myth 2: You won’t look like the same after treatment.

When aesthetic treatments are performed by an experienced and licensed professional, such as the appropriate team of professionals for these procedures like the one we have, of course you will see yourself as the same, only younger and more alert. That being said, there are unscrupulous providers who are not as talented as the others. Ask to see before and after photos of their work and be explicit about what you want to achieve.

Myth 3: men don’t need to use a moisturizer.

Guys, this is not true. Even if you have oily skin, use a daily moisturizer that protects your skin and helps keep it smooth and healthy. If you have questions about skin care products, our team can help.

Myth 4: male aesthetic treatments are a new phenomenon

Men have always cared about their appearance. From ancient Egypt to modern history, men have wanted to see themselves in a certain way. Body shape, clothing, and even cosmetics have gone out of style for men. Yes, there is a resurgence in male cosmetic treatments, but it is by no means a new trend.

If you have concerns about his appearance and want to undergo a chemical peel, laser hair removal, body contouring, or any other treatment, don’t let myths and misconceptions about male aesthetics keep you from looking your best.

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