Anti-age treatment

Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C Treatment

Over the years and due to environmental factors, our skin needs specific treatments that help it fight against all those elements that act as oxidants in our cells and slow down their natural production of collagen and elastin.

For what skins :

sallow and dull skins

-dull and dehydrated skin

-tired and sagging skin

Action : inhibits the action of free radicals, intervenes in the construction of collagen by providing elastin, provides instant long-term luminosity, attenuates the signs of aging, decongests the skin, acts for all skin types.

Use at home : After the treatment in the cabin, it is advisable to follow the maintenance at home to obtain an optimal result, it is recommended to do a treatment in the 4-section cabin.

Within the cabin treatment we perform a leg massage, foot reflexology, cervical and cranial massage