Due to poor health and sunscreen behavior, men age longer compared with the women. They have more severe facial wrinkles except in the area perioral. Men also develop wrinkles at an older age early.

Since men have less subcutaneous fat at all ages, develop more folds, and deep wrinkles with a loss of prominent volume. Despite his accelerated facial aging, he does not all men are as concerned about the aging process as women.

Men show a different set of aesthetic motivations, concerns and ideals in compared to women. Men don’t seek perfection, but they want to maintain a youthful appearance . Too are less specific in their concerns and tend not to focus on one area in particular.

Men are also more difficult to treat , as there is very little data on the ideals of beauty in men. Seminars and publications on beauty concepts invariably focus on female beauty.

Do attractive men have more masculine or feminine faces?

The link between masculinity and attractiveness in male faces is unclear. There are Conflicting studies showing both a preference for the face masculine more masculine as feminine. The doctor should evaluate patiently the aesthetic and aging goals of patients male. The treatments Cosmetics do not treat disease, but rather treat aging and beauty. Ultimately, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

The aesthetics industry is also changing rapidly. There has been a constant development of new procedures that has expanded the market. Innovative medical devices have enabled physicians to offer minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, reducing the demand for surgical procedures. Rapid technological evolution requires aesthetic practitioners to invest in changing technology or risk being left behind.