In modern times of great technological advances and social relations without borders, aesthetics for men have gained great relevance; since the corporal beauty is appreciated in the men as much as it has always been it in the women.

The belief that masculinity is defined by a body full of hair, disheveled nails or a marked face remained in the past, that is why today there are commercial premises; mainly in large hotels; whose sole function is to attend men’s aesthetics.

Beauty treatments for men

Aesthetic services for men are spaces created to exclusively serve those men who have decided to give their body special treatment. These centers have technological equipment, products and specialized personnel to provide the specific treatment required based on age and needs.

The services or treatments offered in men’s beauty centers may vary from one establishment to another, the most common being facials, manicures and pedicures, waxing and massages.

The face, the first thing we show

The face is the portion of the man’s body that has always received special attention. A defined beard, a well-trimmed mustache, modeled eyebrows or thick eyelashes enhance masculinity; Hence, facials are the first service offered by beauty centers for men .

Some of the facial treatments offered in the male aesthetic service centers are from CL :

  1. Macrozone treatments that correct skin problems
  2. Exfoliation, cleansing and hydration to relieve shaving irritation, smooth fine lines, clear acne and purify oily skin
  3. Eyebrow designs and eyelash pigmentation
  4. Laser hair removal on cheekbones and between the eyebrows
  5. Anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment
  6. Treatment with Dermapan, which induce the formation of collagen.

In some cases the treatments applied in the centers are complemented with sessions at home. Professionals recommend cleaning the skin with special cleansers for men’s skin, shaving creams that facilitate the passage of blades and emulsions that soothe the skin and slow hair growth.

Hands and feet, present, caress and walk

The second thing that stands out is the conditions of the hands and feet. Men of all ages have learned that clean, well-trimmed hands are attractive; and that the feet with a good massage walk better.

The aesthetic ones, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, offer treatments for feet and hands; such as. Manicure and hand hydration, pedicure and foot massage, finger waxing

Back, arms, legs and abdomen

These four parts of the manly body are the least exposed to the public, unless you are at the beach or playing sports. Even so, the male aesthetic services have technical equipment, specialized personnel and products of the highest quality.

For the back area, aesthetic centers offer the following treatments: laser hair removal, mostly used by a young population, massages to relieve tension and reduce stress, buttock firming, cleansing and exfoliation.

The most common for arms and legs are laser hair removal, widely used in soccer players, and therapeutic massages to strengthen muscles after any ailment. The male population between the ages of 20 and 35 is the one that usually uses these treatments.

A flat abdomen is very attractive in a man, some achieve it with long hours of exercises in the gym, others with less time and enthusiasm resort to aesthetics for men; and they receive minimally invasive treatments such as doublecorp, a mixture of three-dimensional ultrasound and radiofrequency that reduces fat and firms the skin.

In conclusion, men have decided to be beautiful, improving their appearance using almost the same gadgets as women. Visiting spas, using creams, massages, electronic devices that reduce fat and eliminate fine lines, nail polish, facial and body hair removal.

For their part, the centers where male aesthetic services are provided are ready to offer men a space where they can make positive changes to their bodies.